Holland, Bryony, & Monty Keene
We’re keen on Thanksgiving
Sat Mar 17, 2018 16:45

Since Holland had gained Pearl Street access, Monty and Bryony Keene had come to Boulder the weekend after Holland’s November 22nd birthday every year and taken them out to dinner to celebrate. This year, with RMI’s Thanksgiving event in the same week as Holland’s birthday, they had decided to forgo that trip in favor of the national holiday.

They had not decided to forgo singing “Happy Birthday,” which Holland bore with as much dignity as one can manage when confronted with a candle stuck in a piece of apple pie that Dad had somehow liberated from Professor Boot’s table. Holland blew out the candles and wished for good news from colleges in the spring. The topic wasn’t as much on their mind as it had been before last week, when the last of their seven applications had finally been submitted, but now that the waiting game had begun, it was almost worse to know there was nothing else they could do to help them get into college. For the most part, Holland been able to ignore college admission anxiety today. They had had other things to feel vaguely anxious about.

Danny had had Thanksgiving dinner with them. That had gone well, Bryony thought. She liked Danny. Holland was obviously very comfortable with him, and he seemed smart and articulate and polite. He reminded her a bit of her sister’s husband, Ken, who was also pureblood. Bryony’s understanding of that situation was that Ken’s family, the Noblemans, wasn’t as relevant as it had been a century ago. Bryony’s own parents were technically pureblood wizards, but the working class sort that didn’t have coats of arms or estates or anything to do with families that had those sorts of things. Danny was from one of those families, but he lacked the elitism Bryony had come to expect from pureblood society. Then again, she supposed, he would have to not be like that for Holland to be interested.

She got the impression that Monty wanted to dislike Danny but couldn’t find a justifiable reason for it. In some ways, that was good, but it didn’t seem to make Monty like Holland’s boyfriend more. Bryony was of the opinion that there were very few things that would make her husband like any guy their teenager dated, so overall she thought today had gone as well as possible.

Monty and Bry had decided to stay until the end of the event. Most people got eighteen years before being empty-nesters, but with magical boarding school, Monty and Bry had only had eleven. With college so close in the future and so geographically far (Holland had applied to CalTech, which was on the other side of the country from Pennsylvania, Monty thought was worth repeating, since RMI didn’t teach geography or any other classes he had had to take in middle and high school) Monty wanted to take advantage of all the school-sponsored opportunities to hang out with Holland. And their friends, too, he guessed. If he had the chance before they left, Monty thought, he might talk to Emmett, just to see what he thought about his friends’ new relationship status. Emmett wasn’t the zestiest peel in the punch, but he was Holland’s bestiest friend. If there was anything to worry about (beyond normal my-kid-is-dating things), Emmett would know.

Holland was of the opinion that it wasn’t necessary for Danny to spend seven hours with their family the first time he properly met them, so they had encouraged him to escape after the meal. Somewhat later on in the evening—Holland’s watch showed that it was nearly seven o’clock—the family of three returned to one of the long dining tables, having made turkey hand artwork, talked to a few of Holland’s other classmates and their parents, and failed to convince Samuel Boot to part with a pumpkin pie. It was time for—well, what did you call this?

“What’s this called?” Holland asked, gesturing at their plate of brussels sprouts, potato filling, white turkey meat, and creamed corn. The nice thing about magically-catered events was that the food never got cold or congeal-y, no matter how long it had been waiting. “When you have actual dinner, like, in the evening on Thanksgiving?” Thanksgiving was the only day when you could have a meal at two in the afternoon and still call it dinner. You’d never say Thanksgiving lunch.

“Second dinner,” Monty said, at the same time as Bryony said, “Probably supper?”

Holland thought about it. Dad was more confident but Mom’s answer sounded more correct. “Hey, settle this for us,” they said to a person sitting nearby. “What’s the evening meal on Thanksgiving called?”

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            • You mean you're NOT one of us? - Myffi, Tue Mar 20 10:26
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