I think we missed it
Sat Mar 17, 2018 19:55

Remington smiled more, glad she got the name right on her first try. She knew who he was (she was rarely wrong about things, honestly), but it was still nice to get the validation that a correct answer earned. She’d only made it to the very end of the flying carpet event, having finished an essay ahead of schedule, so she didn’t get to try. She loved trying new things and not getting to disappointed her. Hopefully Satveer would host another magic carpet thing some other time. She’d definitely make her way there.

She shook her head a little, black curls bouncing around her, as she answered. “Remington, and no, I didn’t. But maybe next time?”

Her brown eyes darted around the room and landed on her parents, who were still talking to Mr. Tennant. From her dad’s excited hand movements, Remington could easily guess what he was talking about, and she hoped that Drew’s dad had the sense to shut him down. She loved her father very much, and she was rarely embarrassed by his work. That did not mean she wanted to sit in a room full of her peers to hear a Muggle style lecture about Mature Relations. The idea of her father enthusiastically advocating for safety rather than abstinence with Dade, Drew, Hunter, or even Kit just… nope.

“Did your family come for Thanksgiving?” She asked curiously. “Mine did, but I think they’re busy talking to other grown-ups.” She chuckled a little and nodded towards her mother and father, who were giving poor Garen Tennant too much of their attention. It was her fault for being friends with Drew; the theater director didn’t have a chance. Eventually she’d introduce them to Drew, and she still held out hope for the unlikely chance that Dade would show up. “They like to make friends. It’s… sweet. Kinda weird, but that’s them.”

  • Isn't there a parade at this kinds of things? - Satveer Mittal, Thu Mar 15 10:15
    Satveer felt a little relieved that his family weren’t there. He thought he was clumsier at school that he potentially should be. Knocking a stranger enough to distract them from their task to engage ... more
    • I think we missed it - Remington, Sat Mar 17 19:55
      • "mi alfombra su alfombra" - Satveer Mittal, Thu Mar 22 08:54
        Remington was a polite and well-spoken girl. She seemed a lot more mature than Satveer. He couldn’t quite tell what it was, whether it was her mannerism or how she spoke, it was just something about... more
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