Kaye, Jared and Thomas Packman
*makes a Pac-Man pun*
Sun Mar 18, 2018 01:25

Thanksgiving was a very strange holiday. Kaye loved it for the ridiculous amounts of food, but it didn’t make it any less weird. This year was particularly odd, because her dads were there. Ruben’s family was there too. That part was over with pretty quickly and awkwardly. Kaye had been brought over to meet Ruben’s people, who were immediately told that the girl in the black and purple leather mini-skirt was the seventh year’s girlfriend. She couldn’t help but grin – it was her favorite thing when Ruben announced she was his girlfriend – before the Swede whisked them away just as quickly.

The Packmen enjoyed spending time with Kaye. In fact, at least once a month, they’d tried to make it to Pearl Street for a brunch with their daughter. It was nice, and it kept the two men at ease. Seeing her adjusting to and managing her lupus was a huge relief. What was not, however, was Ruben. As soon as the teenage couple made their way towards the two, Thomas panicked internally and Jared squeezed his hand before letting go. He greeted Ruben with his usual handshake, which he fully expected Ruben to bastardize in some way, and they made small talk for a while. Thomas didn’t understand why, but Ruben seemed to like the two adults. He accepted it, because Ruben seemed like the sort who would make everyone’s lives even more difficult if he disliked one or both of them, but geez. The kid sent them homemade vodka as an announcement that he was dating their little girl. He was questionable.

To Thomas’ relief, Ruben (and unfortunately, Kaye) found themselves distracted by some flirty debate, and the two were able to break away for a while.

“You don’t have to be so scared of him,” Jared teased, lacing his fingers back through Thomas’. They sat down at a table that was still full of warm food that hadn’t gotten grosser as time passed. God, magic was great.

The sandy blonde man ran a free hand through his hair and made a face in protest. “I’m not scared of him,” he sighed. “That doesn’t mean he makes me comfortable.” It was very hard to dislike Ruben: despite his spiky exterior, he was very sweet to his daughter. He visited her in the hospital, come over plenty over the summer and kept her company, and clearly thought a whole lot of her.

Jared reached past Thomas with his free hand and snagged a warm slice of cornbread. Upon inspection, he realized that this was the type of cornbread that was made the right way. He could tell it had been made in a skillet, and it had actual kernels of corn inside. He raised his dark eyebrows at Thomas, who made a disgusted face. The two agreed on many things; cornbread was not one of them. Before Thomas could explain why the sweet kind of cornbread without kernels of corn was vastly superior to the abomination his husband was about to eat, they were interrupted with a question.

“Hey, settle this for us. What’s the evening meal on Thanksgiving called?”

“Oh, round two, clearly.” Jared grinned at Holland. “Hey kid, it’s nice to see you.” He hadn’t realized they were sitting next to another one of their girl’s friends. Kaye had so many friends at RMI; it was a point of pride for the couple. After her misadventures in education before, it was wonderful to see her getting along with so many people.

Thomas playfully rolled his eyes at Jared and gave a more serious answer. “I guess if you ate it close to the first serving, you could just call it your second serving. If not, I suppose I’d call it… supper so I could make a distinction between the two meals. Or, maybe, it’s just leftovers?”

Jared let go of Thomas’ hand so he could wipe his hands on a napkin and get rid of the corn bread crumbs. He grinned. “Like I said, round two.” He nodded at the adults near Holland and introduced himself. “I’m Jared and this is my husband Thomas. We met Holland when they came to visit our daughter a while ago.” It was crazy to imagine how long ago Kaye’s misdiagnosis of Grave’s disease really was. And yet, it didn’t feel like that long at all.

“She’s over there,” Thomas took over and nodded towards the teen with braided lake blue hair – no idea where the new wig came from – and caught himself before he made a face at the back of Ruben’s head, “with her boyfriend.”

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    • *makes a Pac-Man pun* - Kaye, Jared and Thomas Packman , Sun Mar 18 01:25
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