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Sun Mar 18, 2018 23:50

“Thats easy,” Caleb declared with a big grin, “Quidditch.” Caleb didn't hesitate to give an answer to Claudia’s inquiry. Since he had been a small boy he had focused his energy on mastering the noble sport of Quidditch. He had always been more than good when it came to sports. They came easy for him, and Caleb had taken advantage of that. He had focused on honing his chaser skills. The Lyra was sure his Quidditch skills were above average and it made him smug. People back home always commented on how good he was and how he was capable of going professional.

“My summers are usually spent at Quidditch camp,” he continued, happy to be able to talk about him for a bit. “Im working to get a Quidditch scholarship to a good school with a charms program,” he finished with a grin. Caleb knew his parents had a college fund for everyone of them and that he didn't necessarily need the scholarship, but he was also proud. Caleb liked boasting about his achievements. He had worked hard for them, after all.

“However, Quidditch Camp takes about half my day. The rest of the time I hang out with my friends and travel a bit with them,” he continued. “Usually to places near home.” The boy shifted his weight to his right leg and placed his hands behind his back. “Though we take a family vacation every year for two weeks.” Caleb loved that time with his family. He enjoyed having his parents not running around with work stuff and fully focused on their children. “We visited California this summer,” his grin spread wider as the memories of their trip came to the top of his mind. “It was my Penny’s first trip to the beach and she didn't like it that much,” he finished with a small laugh.

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    Claudia would not describe families breakfasts as perfect, but Caleb’s interpretation was sufficiently appreciative that Claudia graced him with another smile, which held fast as he told her a little ... more
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