Susan Bradby
Thankful for food. Lots and lots of food.
Sun Mar 18, 2018 23:59

Susan looked at the mirror and huffed. Had she grown an inch? She must’ve, right? She couldn’t be four-foot-something forever! Her waist, for one, had gained a centimetre from all the non-vegan food she had been guzzling down four times a day. She supposed she could keep that going until mid-term, when she’d go home and probably starve herself down to her original waistline because she couldn’t possibly eat that tasteless food after half a term at RMI!

Her parents weren’t coming to the Thanksgiving Dinner and Susan couldn’t be happier. If Dad had come, it would have been great, but with Dad came Mum and sweet, sweet Mum would simply ruin the feast for her. And probably have a fit over all the dairy and meat served at the dinner. She was not entirely familiar with the American holiday and its traditions, but there was a dead turkey involved, that she knew. And dead animals or birds made her mother mad, very, very mad.

Susan pulled out a powder-blue dress shirt from the jumble of clothes in her trunk. It looked suitable for the occasion, along with a summery, floral skirt she loved wearing. She tied her hair back in a ponytail as neatly as she could and flattened the fuzzy baby hair around her temple with her palm. She turned around the mirror, checking her reflection. Despite growing up in a household of incredibly fit women, Susan had never really cared much about how she looked. But she didn’t want to look sloppy. She finally slipped on a pair of fancy sandals she got on her last birthday and headed out of the dorm.

Even on her way to the Finer Diner, the smell of delicious food wafted into her nose. Susan had never quite realized what a glutton she was until she came to the school. She had never even known what she was missing. She had heard from her older cousins how extravagant Hogwarts feasts are, but surely it cannot surpass this lavish spread? After a cursory look-around at all the decorations, Susan headed straight for the food. She loaded a clump of mashed potatoes, bread and sizeable helpings of turkey on her plate. She scanned the tables to see if anyone was sitting alone or needed company. Over the last couple of months, she had barely had much interaction with anyone. Perhaps she ought to be more sociable. With her hefty little plate, she headed towards a table where a slightly older girl was sitting with her father. On spotting her, she beamed at Susan and welcomed her to the table.

“Hello, nice little spread today, isn’t it?” said Susan, hoping the girl would start eating too. “This is my first Thanksgiving, you see.”

  • Thankful for some company - Myfanwy Owen, Sun Mar 18 17:15
    She had been at the school last year when Thanksgiving had happened, but she’d only been there a few weeks by then, and there had been the weird fake baby project going on, and Myfanwy didn’t really... more
    • Thankful for food. Lots and lots of food. - Susan Bradby, Sun Mar 18 23:59
      • Thankful for planet friendly food. - Myfanwy, Mon Mar 19 10:53
        Myfanwy’s heart beat in an excited, jolted rhythm when Susan Bradby sat down across from her. The sixth year had done all she could in the past couple of months not to crowd the first year, as soon... more
        • Uh-oh... So, you're one of them? - Susan Bradby, Tue Mar 20 02:24
          “Oh, nice of them to throw a grand feast this year then,” said Susan, smiling cheekily before she checked herself. Was she becoming obsessed with food? Surely it wasn’t too inappropriate to... more
          • You mean you're NOT one of us? - Myffi, Tue Mar 20 10:26
            “No, my family couldn’t come,” Susan said, and Myffi felt her whole body sag with disappointment, even though she tried to keep the interested smile on her face. It wouldn’t exactly be polite to be... more
            • Never!!! - Susan Bradby, Wed Mar 21 07:53
              Myffi seemed exceptionally disappointed when Susan admitted her parents couldn’t come. Though that was a little strange, Susan was simply glad Myffi didn’t ask about the ‘campaigning’. When Myffi... more
              • Maybe I can change your mind - Myffi, Mon Mar 26 06:47
                Myfanwy watched and listened with amusement but also growing bewilderment as Susan retold the story of surprising her Gran with a portkey, finding much more mirth in the situation than Myffi. The... more
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