Susan Bradby
Uh-oh... So, you're one of them?
Tue Mar 20, 2018 02:24

“Oh, nice of them to throw a grand feast this year then,” said Susan, smiling cheekily before she checked herself. Was she becoming obsessed with food? Surely it wasn’t too inappropriate to appreciate the event solely on the basis of her culinary infatuation? Was she heading towards becoming a fat girl? It wouldn’t be the end of the world, really, and she probably wouldn’t mind it as much as eating vegan food. The least offensive dish she had eaten before coming to RMI was her mother’s ‘special’ butter chicken (which had neither butter nor chicken). She should portion her food, eat more like a human being and less like a rabid hyena.

She was so lost in thought that she almost missed the girl’s name. Myffi. That’s a cute name, she thought. But how did she know her name? She couldn’t remember interacting with Myffi. But then again, Susan had mostly kept to herself. Yeah, I need to socialize more, she bitterly reminded herself again. She had no intention of becoming a gluttonous recluse that people probably had started perceiving her to be. Myffi skimmed over introducing her father but she didn’t give Susan a chance to say hello.

Though Susan had just decided that she needed to do something about her unhealthy relation-ship with food, she was a bit disappointed when Myffi asked her about her family instead of getting her own plate of food. Perhaps it was for the best, at least Susan wouldn’t get a chance to wolf down the food.

“No, my family couldn’t come,” she replied. “My Dad’s away on work and my Mum is campaigning in-” She stopped before she could finish. Oh no. Susan had no intention of anyone in RMI find out about her weird family. She didn’t want anyone in RMI to know that her mother had a penchant for trying herself to trees, trapping herself in icebergs to protest for things nobody probably cared about except her band of ‘tree-huggers’ (a term she had heard from her Grandfather, and had been forbidden from uttering out loud). Growing up, she had always been embarrassed when kids would come up to her and ask about her mother, thanks to media coverage of the outlandish stunts she pulled in the name of ‘protests’. She had long stopped wishing for a mother ‘like everybody else’s’ and accepted Miranda’s antics as a part of her life. But she still didn’t want people at RMI to define her as the daughter of the ‘crazy environment lady’.

“Um, she’s busy too,” she finished, hoping Myffi won’t pick up on it. “How about your Mum? Didn’t she come?” Nervously, she picked up a spoonful of mashed potato and stuffed it in her mouth. Even though the mash tasted so good with the rich gravy, Susan could only taste cardboard in her mouth.

  • Thankful for planet friendly food. - Myfanwy, Mon Mar 19 10:53
    Myfanwy’s heart beat in an excited, jolted rhythm when Susan Bradby sat down across from her. The sixth year had done all she could in the past couple of months not to crowd the first year, as soon... more
    • Uh-oh... So, you're one of them? - Susan Bradby, Tue Mar 20 02:24
      • You mean you're NOT one of us? - Myffi, Tue Mar 20 10:26
        “No, my family couldn’t come,” Susan said, and Myffi felt her whole body sag with disappointment, even though she tried to keep the interested smile on her face. It wouldn’t exactly be polite to be... more
        • Never!!! - Susan Bradby, Wed Mar 21 07:53
          Myffi seemed exceptionally disappointed when Susan admitted her parents couldn’t come. Though that was a little strange, Susan was simply glad Myffi didn’t ask about the ‘campaigning’. When Myffi... more
          • Maybe I can change your mind - Myffi, Mon Mar 26 06:47
            Myfanwy watched and listened with amusement but also growing bewilderment as Susan retold the story of surprising her Gran with a portkey, finding much more mirth in the situation than Myffi. The... more
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