You mean you're NOT one of us?
Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:26

“No, my family couldn’t come,” Susan said, and Myffi felt her whole body sag with disappointment, even though she tried to keep the interested smile on her face. It wouldn’t exactly be polite to be evidently disappointed in someone else’s parents not being there. Susan couldn’t help it that her Mum was busy, although Myffi wished she had continued telling her about the campaign.

Miranda Bradby was much more radical than Myffi was herself. While the sixth year did her best to only purchase locally grown or manufactured products, always organic and fairtrade wherever possible, and she maintained a vegan diet, and she recycled faithfully, and only used planet friendly inks for her schoolwork and artwork, she hadn’t ever campaigned about anything the way Miranda did. Well there had been that one time that Myffi had leafleted the Diner letting students know all the detrimental effects their meals were having on the environment, but that was last year, before Susan had been at school. Also Myfanwy had been blamed for the vegan lunch earlier in term, even though she had nothing to do with that (it had lead to their being no meat available in the Diner on Mondays ever since, which was a suitable compensation for being blamed for something she didn’t even do, so that was like an accidental campaign). She guessed she had set up AgriClub, which taught students about growing their own organic food, and Myffi was always keen to share information about why food grown without pesticides was better for the human body as well as the wider environment, so she was making efforts, at least. There was probably more she could do.

“No, my Mam’s a Muggle,” Myffi replied to Susan’s query, “and she really doesn’t like traveling by portkey, or fossil fuel, and she lives in this commune in California,” the Lyra explained in her usual cheerful, rambling fashion. “She’s never been totally comfortable around large groups of wizards, and it’s not like we celebrate thanksgiving anyway,” she added with a shrug of her shoulders. “My Dad went to school with Headmaster Toby, so he was talking to him just now, but I think he got carried away,” she chuckled, whilst craning her neck to see if she could relocate her father amongst the crowds.

Myffi’s stomach gave a low rumble and she looked longingly at the food. “I may have to start eating without him though,” she said, watching as the first year consumed her own meal. “I love that they labelled all the planet-friendly food,” she said conversationally, putting a slice of locally produced sourdough bread onto her plate. The dark-haired girl added two brussel sprouts to her plate and began to cut them into thin slices, with the intention of making a small sandwich snack as an appetiser. “It makes it so much easier for me to know what’s good to eat.”

  • Uh-oh... So, you're one of them? - Susan Bradby, Tue Mar 20 02:24
    “Oh, nice of them to throw a grand feast this year then,” said Susan, smiling cheekily before she checked herself. Was she becoming obsessed with food? Surely it wasn’t too inappropriate to... more
    • You mean you're NOT one of us? - Myffi, Tue Mar 20 10:26
      • Never!!! - Susan Bradby, Wed Mar 21 07:53
        Myffi seemed exceptionally disappointed when Susan admitted her parents couldn’t come. Though that was a little strange, Susan was simply glad Myffi didn’t ask about the ‘campaigning’. When Myffi... more
        • Maybe I can change your mind - Myffi, Mon Mar 26 06:47
          Myfanwy watched and listened with amusement but also growing bewilderment as Susan retold the story of surprising her Gran with a portkey, finding much more mirth in the situation than Myffi. The... more
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