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Waka waka
Tue Mar 20, 2018 17:35

Holland had opinions about being addressed as “kid”—it always felt condescending, and they actually weren’t a kid, as evidenced by the birthday pie from earlier—but they liked Kaye’s dads. “I’m gonna go with Mom and Thomas’ answer. Supper it is.” Leftovers had to be put in the fridge and reheated to count as leftovers, and “seconds” was only for giving yourself another serving during the same time frame.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Monty said, shaking hands with Jared, who had offered, and nodding acknowledgement at Thomas, who hadn’t. Okay, he knew Marissa’s parents and this wasn’t Scott and Abby, and Rose was British (not from France) and didn’t have two dads. He definitely would have remembered that. Then…?

“We met briefly at the hospital last year,” Bryony said, following suit. She wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t remember that meeting, though; it had probably been a stressful few days for the family, and meeting Kaye’s friends’ parents probably wouldn’t have registered. Which reminded her, she did want to say hi to Avril before they left… “I’m glad Kaye seems to be doing better,” she said, sincerely, answering Monty’s question. “Holland said she’s in the play this year?”

Monty craned his neck to look where Thomas had indicated. “Who’s he?” he asked Holland, noticing a blue-haired girl (that one had to be Kaye; Holland had said she wore wigs) with a boy with long blond hair.

“Ruben,” Holland said, without having to look. They scooped turkey meat and potato filling onto their fork and had a bite. On their other side, Bryony served herself a scoop of whole-berry cranberry sauce. Ugh, wrong. Jellied was clearly the way to go, in Monty’s opinion. But wait!

“Ruben as in your ex-boyfriend Ruben?” Holland confirmed with a nod. Monty leaned forward with so much interest that Holland immediately regretted answering the question. Holland and Ruben had started dating and then broken up in the span of about three months, and there hadn’t been family events in that time frame, so Holland’s parents hadn’t met Ruben in the context of them dating. The Keenes had seen his glíma act at the talent show last year, though. Mom’s response had been along the lines of “That’s Ruben?” Dad hadn’t said that, but Holland agreed that it was kind of a fair reaction. Apparently he wanted more information now. “Okay, so what’s Ruben’s deal? We didn’t meet him when he and Holland were dating.”

Actually, this might work in their favor, Holland thought, depending on the Packmen’s experience of their yearmate. Ruben might make Danny look better in comparison. (Holland didn’t think Danny needed any help, but Dad was clearly doing his whole protective bit, so the comparison with the Swedish martial arts expert probably couldn’t hurt.) Granted, both of the boys Holland had dated had gotten in trouble for dueling at school, but only one of them had stabbed the other. That had to count for something.

  • *makes a Pac-Man pun* - Kaye, Jared and Thomas Packman , Sun Mar 18 01:25
    Thanksgiving was a very strange holiday. Kaye loved it for the ridiculous amounts of food, but it didn’t make it any less weird. This year was particularly odd, because her dads were there. Ruben’s... more
    • Waka waka - The Keenes, Tue Mar 20 17:35
      • *insert Fozzie Bear joke here* - The Packmen, Sat Mar 24 21:39
        Hold on, wait a minute. Thomas and Jared both exchanged a look. They hadn’t had this information. Ruben was the ex of one of Kaye’s other friends? This was an incestuous little group, huh. They added ... more
        • Good grief, the comedian’s a bear - The Keenes, Thu Mar 29 18:40
          “ Pretty sure he sent us alcohol that he made as a dowry for dating our daughter. ” “What?” Monty said to Mr. and Mr. Packman. He turned to Holland. “What??” he repeated, more emphatically. Ruben... more
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