Susan Bradby
Wed Mar 21, 2018 07:53

Myffi seemed exceptionally disappointed when Susan admitted her parents couldn’t come. Though that was a little strange, Susan was simply glad Myffi didn’t ask about the ‘campaigning’. When Myffi said her mother’s a Muggle, and didn’t like travelling by Portkey, Susan was immediately reminded her of her own grandparents. “Oh, my Grandpa and Gran- on my mother’s side, y’know- are exactly like that. They always insist we take the car or the train to visit them,” she said enthusiastically. “I always spend at least two weeks at their house in summer. And this one time, it was my father who was dropping me off, and he was in a hurry and he said ‘Sus, I’m gonna use the emergency Portkey hidden in your Gran’s basement or else I’m going to miss my meeting’ and I thought- I thought it would be fun-” spluttered Susan, trying to suppress the giggles bubbling in her throat. “And so we did and guess what? My Gran was right there in the basement, sorting laundry. She nearly jumped out of her skin when we appeared! It was funny and she scolded my Dad so much.” She burst out laughing just as she finished talking.

However, almost as soon as she had starting chortling, Susan grew self-conscious as a couple of people were looking at her, bewildered. Susan gulped air and drank some lemonade to calm herself down. She sheepishly wiped her mouth, afraid she may have laughed a bit too loudly. Her face reddened.

She was about to dig into her plate of food when Myffi said she loved that they labelled planet friendly food.

”It makes it so much easier for me to know what’s good to eat.”

No. No, it cannot be. There were actually people who thought like this? And that too in RMI? Susan had always believed that her mother and her little posse consisted of the only people who could ever think like that. Planet friendly food? Why on earth would food ever be hostile? She couldn’t understand why anyone would consider eating delicious things bad for the world. Tigers eat goats and deer. But Susan knew for a fact that her mother had spent a month in Sundarbans last year- the home of the Bengal Tiger- to raise awareness about ‘declining tiger population’ (a quote she read off the newspaper). So, tigers were allowed to eat meat but she wasn’t? How was that fair? It was all infuriating and she had long since stopped thinking about it.

Susan did not know how to react, so she lamely said, “I think food here tastes great.” It was true but seemed irrelevant. She wondered how extreme of an ‘environmentalist’ Myffi was. She didn’t seem like the type who’d throw paint at people’s dresses like her mother did once, outside a London theatre where the lead actress was wearing fur. But who could tell, Susan thought, now starting to regret sitting at the table. Perhaps it would have been easier to enjoy the sumptuous meal sitting by herself.

  • You mean you're NOT one of us? - Myffi, Tue Mar 20 10:26
    “No, my family couldn’t come,” Susan said, and Myffi felt her whole body sag with disappointment, even though she tried to keep the interested smile on her face. It wouldn’t exactly be polite to be... more
    • Never!!! - Susan Bradby, Wed Mar 21 07:53
      • Maybe I can change your mind - Myffi, Mon Mar 26 06:47
        Myfanwy watched and listened with amusement but also growing bewilderment as Susan retold the story of surprising her Gran with a portkey, finding much more mirth in the situation than Myffi. The... more
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