Connor Farnon
Another reason to hate Mondays
Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:26

The events of last term seemed to have largely blown over. Connor couldn’t say that he was on good terms with Andrew or Marley - and even Dade’s friend Remington seemed to be less friendly to him than he might expected - but aside from a couple of pointed comments in the hallways sometimes, Connor had more or less heard the end of his engagement with Andrew. The important thing was that he and Claudia were on good terms once more, and Connor would admit rather easily that it was pleasant to have a companion for meals and coursework back once again. There were some topics that Connor chose to avoid when discussing things with Claudia - such as her brother’s sudden bent for homosexuality - but that was just out of politeness. If Claudia wished to express her feelings on the matter, Connor would not be one to stop her.

Although things from last semester seemed to be largely behind him, there was one thing that was not: Connor’s decision to take on Cultural Studies as an extra course this term. The decision had been prompted by Professor Blair’s very informative in-school suspension, from which Connor had emerged rather chagrined. There was quite a bit that he didn’t know about American culture, and Muggle culture and - he suspected - English culture. As this was an American school, for all that it was international as well, there was something of an emphasis on how things went in this part of the world. So Connor was learning quite a bit. They had gone over the basics of Muggles in the early years of Cultural Studies, of course, but now they were learning about Muggle society and history. He was also taking History of Magic, which was quite more history than Connor had really considered that he was signing up for but also he didn’t seem to mind it. Perhaps he ought to pursue history further. He wasn’t quite as keen on university as Rose was, but the precise details of what his father really did escaped him and it was likely there would be some time before he had to pick that up.

It was dinnertime and Connor was sitting in the Finer Diner picking over an eggplant parmesan. Since about halfway through term, the Diner had been suspiciously free of meat on Mondays, and Connor was not a fan. Chicken was one of his go-to foods, and having that - literally - taken off the table once a week was something he was not pleased with. Connor suspected that Myfanwy Owen was behind this latest bout of nonsense, although she couldn’t have done it alone. The Headmaster was probably in cahoots, if not some other members of staff. He had decided to suspect Professor McKind and Mr. Tennant, since people like them were notorious for their leftist ways. Connor saw no reason this wouldn’t include jumping on the rabid animal rights bandwagon Myfanwy had started.

With a sigh, looking through brown bangs at the plate in front of him, Connor gave the eggplant slice a particularly venemous stab and with a clatter, knocked a piece of cutlery off the table. As he leaned down to retrieve it, leaving his fork stuck in the eggplant on his plate, Connor realized he was in someone’s way.

“My apologies,” he said, scrambling upwards and placing the knife on the table. “I absolutely did not intend to fling that at you.”

    • “This is soooo good, Roger. Seriously, you gotta try some!” The noncommitted shrug from her older Housemate informed Marley that she was safe to keep wolfing down her meal. “Alrighty, your loss,” she ... more
      • Never underestimate me - Connor, Thu Mar 29 19:38
        Oh Merlin it was Marley. Connor froze. Since the whole affair with her stalking him last year, he hadn’t really spoken with his yearmate which was rather pleasant, due to the aforementioned stalking... more
        • Somehow I have low expectations - Marley, Sun Apr 1 23:53
          "Why would I have been trying to hit you?" Okay, Marley could concede that was a fair reaction, but also to be fair Connor had lied to her, like, A Lot, and he could very well just be lying again... more
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