The Packmen
*insert Fozzie Bear joke here*
Sat Mar 24, 2018 21:39

Hold on, wait a minute. Thomas and Jared both exchanged a look. They hadn’t had this information. Ruben was the ex of one of Kaye’s other friends? This was an incestuous little group, huh. They added that to the list of things they hadn’t known about Ruben (which was a rather long list). Really, not much was known about the guy. He liked to be physically fit, he didn’t know how to get a haircut, and he spoke at least two languages. He was a transfer, but the Packmen didn’t know from where. He and Kaye transferred in the same year at the same time and met pretty much the same first week.

It turned out that Holland’s family might not know much about the mysterious Swede, either.

“Okay, so what’s Ruben’s deal? We didn’t meet him when he and Holland were dating.”

Usually, Jared was the gossip and Thomas sat in the background, sipping on his symbolic tea. The couple felt something shift in that dynamic, though, as Monty asked that very important question. This time, Thomas leaned forward, and Jared sighed quietly at his husband before reaching for a cup to drink out of. Instead of tea, it held a mulled cider that really could have done with a stronger ingredient or two for this conversation. Jared though Ruben was fine for their daughter. He wasn’t great, but for what it was (a school fling they hoped) it could have been way worse.

Thomas, on the other hand, did not like Ruben and would be happy to see him go away. Yes, the boy was kind to Kaye and cared about her, but he seriously worried the half-Russian man. “We don’t know much about him either,” he admitted, “But he’s rough around the edges. He was over a lot over the summer with Kaye. Pretty sure he sent us alcohol that he made as a dowry for dating our daughter.”

“It wasn’t a dowry,” Jared cut in, and then he realized there was nothing he could say to make it better. “I think they drank some of our liquor when we were out of town, so he felt bad and replaced it. So… that’s something, right?”

“That’s not much better. Really, it’s just a different kind of Not Great.” Jared conceded that point and shrugged. Thomas looked at the three Keenes. “So you didn’t get to meet him?”

  • Waka waka - The Keenes, Tue Mar 20 17:35
    Holland had opinions about being addressed as “kid”—it always felt condescending, and they actually weren’t a kid, as evidenced by the birthday pie from earlier—but they liked Kaye’s dads. “I’m gonna ... more
    • *insert Fozzie Bear joke here* - The Packmen, Sat Mar 24 21:39
      • Good grief, the comedian’s a bear - The Keenes, Thu Mar 29 18:40
        “ Pretty sure he sent us alcohol that he made as a dowry for dating our daughter. ” “What?” Monty said to Mr. and Mr. Packman. He turned to Holland. “What??” he repeated, more emphatically. Ruben... more
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