Maybe I can change your mind
Mon Mar 26, 2018 06:47

Myfanwy watched and listened with amusement but also growing bewilderment as Susan retold the story of surprising her Gran with a portkey, finding much more mirth in the situation than Myffi. The sixth year did think the story was funny - her own Nan and Grandpa near Llangollen didn’t even know that Dad was a wizard, or that Myfanwy and Cledan were witches, so like appearing by portkey or Apparating right into their house would be pretty funny. But also they were pretty old, so it might make their hearts stop working or something. That would be decidedly un-funny. Although it sounded like Susan’s family had been fine, so Myffi chuckled a bit, but stopped quite soon, and definitely a lot sooner than Susan, who was finding the whole thing really amusing, apparently. Myfanwy didn’t make any further comment as she allowed the girl to settle back down.

Having put thin slices of sprouts onto her bread and folded it over to complete her snack, Myffi looked up again when Susan commented on the food tasting great. “It does,” Myffi agreed hesitantly, wondering how Susan felt about the lack of sustainable food options available. She obviously wasn’t vegan, or vegetarian, although Myffi had sometimes encountered people who ate mostly meatfree meals, only having meat on certain special occasions; she assumed that eating turkey on Thanksgiving would be such an occasion, but Susan wasn’t American, and had never celebrated the holiday before. Perhaps she just wanted to join in? Or perhaps she really wasn’t vegetarian any of the time - Myffi had not paid any attention to the meals that Susan had eaten before (she had been too busy watching the other girl from afar and resisting the temptation to introduce herself to be concerned about what Susan was eating, especially as, if she’d thought about it, Myffi would have assumed that, given Susan’s parentage, she would be as environmentally conscious as Myfanwy was herself. She would have been wrong, apparently).

“I mean I can’t comment on a lot of it from personal experience,” Myffi added, having chewed her first mouthful of sprout sandwich sufficiently to talk around it, “but everyone here seems to enjoy the meals.” She swallowed. “I do like the food I can eat. It’s been a lot easier for me to eat in the Diner since Headmaster Toby has been in charge, too,” she added, “with labelling foods and meatless mondays and everything.” She took another mouthful of her snack.

“How do you like the vegetarian food on Mondays?” Myfanwy asked Susan once her mouth was clear. She knew that Bryn had enjoyed his vegan dish, and lots of her friends in the upper years didn’t seem to mind the changes, but Myfanwy had heard some complaints. Hopefully everyone in AgriClub would be able to appreciate the benefit of cutting meat from their diet every once in a while. “All the food we grow at AgricClub is organic,” Myffi added at an appropriate moment of quiet. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you there? You should come along some time, it’s great fun.”

  • Never!!! - Susan Bradby, Wed Mar 21 07:53
    Myffi seemed exceptionally disappointed when Susan admitted her parents couldn’t come. Though that was a little strange, Susan was simply glad Myffi didn’t ask about the ‘campaigning’. When Myffi... more
    • Maybe I can change your mind - Myffi, Mon Mar 26 06:47
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