Mikael and Dagny Lundqvist plus-1
But not secret for long!
Mon Mar 26, 2018 16:16

"Jävla fan, this place is a pineappling castle, or what?"

His statement, the tone weirdly complimentary, was rewarded with a long eyeroll. "Behave, Jocke. Keep it P-G. You know this is a family event."

"Ja, and that was very P-G in my family!" The bearded brunette laughed at his own joke and gave her hand a squeeze. Dagny rolled her eyes again and squeezed back, not-so-secretly amused.

"But not in our family."

...Okay, now definitely not secretly amused. Smiling openly at Mikael's serious proclamation, she reached over to ruffle the little boy's hair. "Right. You could teach Joakim some manners, ja?"

"Joakim is already having manners," Mikael insisted, blinking blue eyes up at her common-law partner with an expression she immediately recognized as admiration. "All of us do! Even storbror is having lots of... Ruben-type of manners."

She couldn't hold back a snort at the invented phrase. "Jaha. I guess he does." More like Ruben-anti-manners, but leave it to Mikael Anselm to find a good spin for it. Åh, this kid. He might technically have their blood, yet how their half-brother could be totally unlike either of them was a mystery.

In honesty, though, Dagny had been surprised by the brief moment of normative manners her middle brother had displayed. Ruben had actually come over to greet them, some time after their arrival in RMI's dining hall but not making them wait nearly as long as he could have. And then he had introduced the bright-haired girl with him as his girlfriend. She had about fifty questions over how that had happened, but their stepmother had snuck in first with a comment on how nice it was to finally meet one of Ruben's friends. Ruben hadn't responded in a way that the external society would consider appropriate (of course) but he also hadn't responded with excessive snark (which was even more of a surprise). Just a fake-innocent "Is Kaye the first?", a smirk, and a quick saunter off with his arm around the girl's waist.

Dagny still had questions, but she figured it could wait. Besides, her partner had spotted a table stacked full of pies with just one gubben sitting at it. It was a pie-eating contest, according to a couple teens overheard while they were eating dinner-slash-breakfast. She had helpfully reminded Joakim that too much pastry gave him gas and she was absolutely making him sleep on the couch tonight, but Jocke had announced that eating just enough pies to win without getting gas sounded like a fine challenge to him. And so they had started walking over, Mikael's fluffy head bobbing along beside them, more curious to see what the pies were all about than he was interested in standing around while Dad and Saara (well, mostly Saara) talked with some other parental units. Had almost made it to the pies, too, until Jocke decided to drop a curse that meant not very much in Swedish but Potentially A Lot in English.

Jocke's next declaration just made Dagny roll her eyes again. She really should stop letting him out in public. Or letting him in the house, alternatively. Standing around with his tablet all day doing commercial design crap wasn't the best outlet for his energy. "Hold on, let me fix my laces. I must be all prepared for this!" The tall man pulled out a chair at the nearest table and folded himself into it, crossing his legs to reach his leather shoes. Mikael took the opportunity to start telling her about his latest Spellwork class, and they had been chatting longer than it took to tie shoelaces when she was cut off mid-question by her partner's loud laugh.

"Boot is the name of that gubben?"

"Are you going to translate that for them?" Dagny inquired, turning to see that he was addressing two small kids who probably didn't speak Swedish.

"Ja, of course. A gubben is an old guy," Jocke explained promptly, still grinning. Obviously finished by now with his shoelaces, he moved on to introducing himself, thankfully without dropping any more un-child-friendly words. "Hallå, my name is Joakim. That is my partner, Dagny, and her baby brother, Mikael."

"Anssi," Mikael cut in softly. He was frowning a little, which she assumed was due to being referenced as a baby brother, but didn't comment on it.

"And we are the right people for this job," Jocke concluded. He offered a tattooed hand to the boy and girl in turn. "Happy to be your partners! Have you already a plan for this attack?"

"Don't worry," Dagny added, feigning a reassuring tone but giving him a teasing flick on the shoulder that was hard enough to make an audible crack. "Jocke may look like a tough guy, but he has some brains. And even more stomach. He was already making a big talk about eating all of the pies."

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