At least it's creative, I guess
Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:46

Okay, part of Rose’s anxiety was that she hadn’t met Emmett’s parents before. His siblings so far seemed pretty okay (Rose had teased him that she couldn’t see the resemblance between him and Hestaea) but parents was a different story. Emmett had met her parent. It had not gone well. It wasn’t his fault, obviously, as her father was absolutely awful, but Rose was hoping that this experience went at least moderately better than the experience with her family had.

“It’s very nice to meet you, as well,” Rose said with a smile, taking the seat that Emmett had pulled out for her. He was really good at doing the silly boyfriend stuff that she had never really realized she liked. Things like pulling her seat out. She was pretty sure it was the silly boyfriend stuff that had resulted in Marissa breaking up with Emmett; Marissa didn’t do that sort of thing. And Emmett was kind of clingy, which wasn’t Marissa’s style but which Rose kind of liked. He wasn’t clingy in a bad way, exactly, but he tended to glom on to people and like, care about them. It was a bit weird but Rose was hesitantly enjoying it.

She hadn’t really thought about what would happen when she went to university next year, and that wasn’t the only thing that made her stomach drop a little bit when she thought about university. The Harvard Early Decision application results were to come out in the next week or so, and Rose didn’t really know what to expect. Her application was as perfect as it possibly could be - there was nothing to do but wait. Anxiously. And meet her boyfriend’s parents, apparently.

What was she supposed to say now? Rose glanced at all the people that had shown up to see Emmett and felt a little weird. She knew that most of her friends had good relationships with their parents, one way or another - even if Rose was sure that Danny probably gave his pureblood mother perpetual heart failure with his choice of dates - but this was so...familial. It was a weird mix of uncomfortable and lonely. Impulsively, Rose grabbed Emmett’s hand under the table. She usually didn’t initiate public displays of affection, but this was different. She usually didn’t feel this unsure of herself.

No but seriously, what was she supposed to say?

“Thanks for having me,” was what Rose finally went with. “My dad doesn’t really celebrate,” that was probably clear from her accent, if Emmett hadn’t told them. “And my brothers hate social events,” she added, not commenting on why Connor had suddenly turned from a (relative) social butterfly to a shut-in.

  • That's pretty much the premise, yeah. - Emmett Lawrence and family, Sat Mar 17 12:30
    School was weird this year, to put it simply. Emmett still hadn’t quite gotten used to the whole Holland and Danny thing, and there was something wrong between Marissa and Rose. The whole group... more
    • At least it's creative, I guess - Rose, Thu Mar 29 11:46
      • That's a word for it - The Lawrences, Sat Mar 31 13:50
        Beneath the table, Rose grabbed his hand. Emmett wasn’t entirely sure what that meant. On one hand (heh), he was just grateful for it. They weren’t a particularly physical couple, with both of them... more
        • I have other words, too - Rose , Sat Mar 31 14:26
          All in all, Rose was - well, Rose was not particularly suited to handle conflict. Or well, not in the traditional, socially acceptable way. Rose was, for example, exceptionally good at dueling. The... more
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