Never underestimate me
Thu Mar 29, 2018 19:38

Oh Merlin it was Marley. Connor froze. Since the whole affair with her stalking him last year, he hadn’t really spoken with his yearmate which was rather pleasant, due to the aforementioned stalking thing. But there was part of it that felt a little icier than was strictly necessary - and it had definitely gotten worse after the whole affair with Andrew. Of course, the majority of the school had an issue with him after that so he hadn’t taken particular notice to it at the time, but it seemed like Marley was still peeved about one of the two incidents and Connor just didn’t think that was fair. He had taken steps to redeem himself and also her stalking him had not been his fault.

“Why would I have been trying to hit you?” Connor said patiently, gritting his back teeth a little bit. Marley was unconscionably melodramatic, even on the scale that one usually would judge the Lyran population of the school. “You are the one inclined to violence,” he added, a little more snarkily than he had initially anticipated, although it was not unjustified in his personal opinion. Marley was a Beater, after all, and a stalker, and just all-around unpleasant.

Then Connor paused. Okay, it was Marley, but she had just come from a table full of other students and she was about to go back to those other students and complain about him and then they would all hate him again. Not that the Reynolds twins had been particularly warm to him recently, but Buckley at least didn’t know about the entire situation last year. Connor found Buckley to be mildly repugnant, but that didn’t mean that the English boy didn’t need all the help he could get when it came to people being willing to put up with him, particularly in classes since they relied so heavily on partner work.

“My apologies,” he said stiffly. “I did not mean to imply anything negative about you.” Yes he had but that was something that he was trying to keep a tighter lid on. People like Marley were always inclined to be unreasonable about things, and the last thing that Connor needed at the moment was more unreasonableness from Marley. He had found in the past several years that he had very little in common with other students at RMI, but even less in common with students from other Houses than students in Cetus. At least those who ended up in Cetus tended to be level-headed and capable of hearing logic and rational thought - last term’s scuffle with Andrew aside. Or even then - Connor had apologized and that seemed to have been the end of that when it came to the other boy’s animosity. They weren’t friends, but they weren’t the enemies they had been last term.

  • “This is soooo good, Roger. Seriously, you gotta try some!” The noncommitted shrug from her older Housemate informed Marley that she was safe to keep wolfing down her meal. “Alrighty, your loss,” she ... more
    • Never underestimate me - Connor, Thu Mar 29 19:38
      • Somehow I have low expectations - Marley, Sun Apr 1 23:53
        "Why would I have been trying to hit you?" Okay, Marley could concede that was a fair reaction, but also to be fair Connor had lied to her, like, A Lot, and he could very well just be lying again... more
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