The Lawrences
That's a word for it
Sat Mar 31, 2018 13:50

Beneath the table, Rose grabbed his hand.

Emmett wasn’t entirely sure what that meant. On one hand (heh), he was just grateful for it. They weren’t a particularly physical couple, with both of them tending to shy away from public displays of affection, but Emmett liked the small things, the little touches that reminded him that somebody was there and cared about him. But at the same time, he felt a pang of guilt for being happy because if she was willingly grabbing his hand, it was entirely possible that something was wrong. Maybe she was nervous. Meeting his family was sort of a Big Deal, and he knew they weren’t exactly the most welcoming group. His mom was a little too familiar, so eager to make someone feel a part of the group that it backfired and made them uncomfortable. His dad was a quiet man who even his children found intimidating. And Mikey was…. Well, Mikey.

He squeezed her hand gently. He was here and he cared about her, too.

“Do your brothers also hate your boyfriend?” Emmett’s head snapped to the source of the stupidity. Dammit, Mikey. Why couldn’t he be a human being once? “I mean, I couldn’t blame them.” Had he not been situated so far from his little brother, this statement would likely have been accompanied by some sort of noogie or hair-ruffling. “Ow!” Mikey cried suddenly, then glared accusingly at their sister across from him. Hestaea batted her eyes innocently. She may or may not have kicked him.

“Aaaanyway,” Mikey went on. “We are super glad to have you with us, Rose.” For a moment, Emmett almost thought his brother was going to say something nice, which was super weird and out of character for him, but he was soon proved wrong. “We’re still just amazed that you’re real, honestly. I mean, our little Emmers with an actual, real-live, honest-to-God girlfriend! That’s so insane.” Beneath the table, Emmett squeezed Rose's hand again, but this one was mostly for himself.

  • At least it's creative, I guess - Rose, Thu Mar 29 11:46
    Okay, part of Rose’s anxiety was that she hadn’t met Emmett’s parents before. His siblings so far seemed pretty okay (Rose had teased him that she couldn’t see the resemblance between him and... more
    • That's a word for it - The Lawrences, Sat Mar 31 13:50
      • I have other words, too - Rose , Sat Mar 31 14:26
        All in all, Rose was - well, Rose was not particularly suited to handle conflict. Or well, not in the traditional, socially acceptable way. Rose was, for example, exceptionally good at dueling. The... more
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