I have other words, too
Sat Mar 31, 2018 14:26

All in all, Rose was - well, Rose was not particularly suited to handle conflict. Or well, not in the traditional, socially acceptable way. Rose was, for example, exceptionally good at dueling. The only person who could really match her was Ruben, and she’d bested him enough that she was confident in her chances taking him on. There was also the thing with Camilla, where (admittedly, with Ruben’s help) she had clearly demonstrated what happened to people who decided to be mean to Marissa. And then there was the thing with Ruben, where Rose had pranked him in every possible way, for the same reason. Even though Emmett wasn’t Marissa, Emmett was someone Rose would (grudgingly) admit she cared about. Rose would definitely hex someone for Emmett.

When she really thought about it though, the seventh-year was fairly certain that she shouldn’t hex Mikey. It would probably be a bad impression on Emmett’s family, and Rose really didn’t want that. But she also didn’t have another way to respond to Mikey doing something that was obviously upsetting Emmett.

If anyone was paying attention, they might have noticed a strong breeze lingering around their ankles. Rose flushed and tried to calm down. It was fine, this was probably fine. Rose knew that Mikey was kind of a jackass. But then after Hestaea had kicked him, Mikey kept going and that was when Rose lost her temper.

“Emmett,” the girl said sweetly, in a tone of voice that she only used when she was about to do something particularly terrible to someone. Emmett turned to face Rose, possibly concerned about what horror she was about to inflict upon Mikey. Or excited about it. Whatever. “Very real,” Rose said, then turned and kissed Emmett on the lips.

“Jealous?” Rose asked, a little pink, when the kiss was over. She grinned at Mikey.

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    Beneath the table, Rose grabbed his hand. Emmett wasn’t entirely sure what that meant. On one hand (heh), he was just grateful for it. They weren’t a particularly physical couple, with both of them... more
    • I have other words, too - Rose , Sat Mar 31 14:26
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