Somehow I have low expectations
Sun Apr 1, 2018 23:53

"Why would I have been trying to hit you?" Okay, Marley could concede that was a fair reaction, but also to be fair Connor had lied to her, like, A Lot, and he could very well just be lying again now. Still, neither of those facts could stop her from feeling just the tiniest drop of relief... Though that was before he continued on by accusing her of being violent, because of course he just had to have the last word and make it an offensive one, which totally reversed the initial effect and made her tense right up again.

There were two common racial stereotypes her parents were subjected to. Well probably way more than two, but two that she had directly observed: her dad lumped in with the 'big loud intimidating black man' archetype that strangers had crossed the street to avoid passing, and her mum (regardless of whether she was properly identified as Italian or mis-identified as Latinx or sometimes another random group but mostly Latinx) lumped in with the 'small dumb angry brown woman' archetype and treated rudely at the gas station. She rolled her eyes at the disappointing memories. Dad was literally the least intimidating ever and Mum wasn't dumb or hot-headed, and Marley herself absolutely definitely didn't fall in those boxes, either. Yet here Connor was, telling her all about her ~violent tendencies~. Ughhh. This was the worst type of mansplaining. It was like if Buckley was a racist, except Racist Buckley would probably be nicer to her face about it.

"Oh, no, I'm sorry," she fired back over his obviously had-to-be fake apology. "I forgot that white people can't be violent or aggressive like, ever, because that's a trait only people like me are capable of. My bad." Her tone of voice had been heavily sarcastic, and it was with some annoyance that Marley registered the slow increase of water in her eyes. Ughhh, again. Being one of those 'teary because literally Any Emotions' people really sucked. No one took you seriously when you were upset if you were crying, too. And she was upset. It had been super hard finding out over the past half-year-ish that two of her best friends had either never been her friend to begin with or couldn't be any more, on account of all the lies and racism and homophobia and God knew what else.

A couple rapid blinks and Marley regained her composure. Or more accurately, she went above and beyond simple regaining because she wasn't sarcastic in the least when she informed Connor, straight-faced and serious, "Don't apologize to me if you don't mean it. It's juvenile and insulting and it hurts." She hadn't meant to let all of that out, especially the last bits, because she didn't need him to know how hard everything was and that he could just keep acting this way if he wanted to make it harder for her. Oh, well. It was out there now and there were no takebacks. Glacing to where the other Lyras-plus-Camilla were sitting, she considered just marching back to them without another word, but Connor was still standing in her path. She could go the other way around, but fat chance she was gonna let Connor think she was scared to pass him or whatever other stupid elitist interpretation he'd probably make of it. Still, manners first, especially to rude jerks who could learn something from it, so... "D'you mind?" Marley gestured a little with her fork, indicating she wanted to get past.

  • Never underestimate me - Connor, Thu Mar 29 19:38
    Oh Merlin it was Marley. Connor froze. Since the whole affair with her stalking him last year, he hadnít really spoken with his yearmate which was rather pleasant, due to the aforementioned stalking... more
    • Somehow I have low expectations - Marley, Sun Apr 1 23:53
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