Kaye Packman
Looking for Danny
Fri Apr 6, 2018 14:18

At Rocky Mountain International, it didn’t take long for rumors to make their way around. It especially didn’t take long when your roommate was Heather. The two Aquila girls rarely spoke to each other. They’d had a silent agreement that they’d pretend the other didn’t exist when they were alone in their room. This rarely happened, apart from when they were asleep. Every so often, Heather would break this silent agreement to spread gossip. It rarely interested Kaye, but today, it did.

Holland and Danny dating, at this point, was nothing new. Kaye didn’t get the attraction. What did Danny have that made people want to date him? At first, she would’ve assumed money, but Holland wasn’t like that. Kaye liked her friend, but he was pretty goofy. She liked hanging out and messing with him, but she’d never mess around with him.

Anyway, the point was, their relationship wasn’t news at this point. Apparently, it was news to his family, and they kicked him out. Heather seemed almost delighted to share this with Kaye. The witch took too much pleasure in the misfortune of others. Kaye mentally made a note to drench Heather’s pillows with invisible itching powder before she came to bed that night. The sixth year told the girl to shut the pineapple up and stop sharing people’s business before leaving Aquila.

Just because she didn’t like hearing it from Heather didn’t mean she didn’t want to talk to Danny.

Her purple wig was braided, and her black heeled boots clicked down the hallway as she made her way to the Diner. Thankfully, Danny was already there. As usual, she grabbed a fork on her way to the table, reached over his shoulder, speared something off of his plate, and ate it as she sat down in front of him.

“So, I heard you had an eventful break.” She paused. “You okay?”

    • Being found by Kaye - Dardanius Dubois, Fri Apr 6 15:11
      The rhythmic click-clacking of Kaye’s heels across the Diner floor gave Danny the few seconds warning he needed to lean back from his plate before Kaye’s utensil ‘accidentally’ skewered his head or... more
      • That was easy - Kaye, Fri Apr 6 16:22
        Danny may have been fine, but Kaye could imagine that everything was still a little stressful. Her dad talked about it sometimes. He tried balancing pureblood life with doing what made him feel happy ... more
        • That was uncomfortable - Dardanius, Sat Apr 7 03:35
          Kaye elected to shrug rather than share anything about her midterm - again, Danny was unsurprised - and he wondered if they were going to sit and eat in silence (they did that sometimes, too, he was... more
          • Oh, suck it up. - Kaye, Fri Apr 13 10:21
            It wasn’t hard to miss Danny’s big eyebrow raise at the revelation that her dad was a Byron. Kaye didn’t seem like someone who knew anything about pureblood society, but she did. She remembered being ... more
            • From sucking to swallowing - Danny, Fri Apr 13 15:13
              “If you don’t think it’s possible for it to work out, you’re less likely to think for yourself and try,” Kaye elucidated with a roll of her eyes, and Danny knew it was true. The continuation and... more
              • I have no response - Kaye, Mon Apr 16 10:23
                The idea that Ruben might be difficult to accept made her chuckle. She was clearly fond of Ruben. Sometimes, the sixth year couldn’t believe her luck at coming to Rocky Mountain International. She... more
                • I have that effect on people - Danny, Tue Apr 17 15:33
                  Kaye’s ideas of what constituted as charming clearly differed from Danny’s. Ruben didn’t have charms, he had unintelligible insults, terrible dress sense, and a propensity for casting stabbing curses ... more
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