That was easy
Fri Apr 6, 2018 16:22

Danny may have been fine, but Kaye could imagine that everything was still a little stressful. Her dad talked about it sometimes. He tried balancing pureblood life with doing what made him feel happy and whole; clearly, that didn’t work out so well. Kaye shrugged when asked about her midterm. There was nothing to report, and the question was clearly meant to distract her from his recent adventures.

Once Kaye had settled on something to eat (lasagna with extra cheese), she sat quietly and contemplated Danny. She couldn’t tell if he was okay with what happened. She didn’t know the whole story, either. Heather said he’d been kicked out. Was he living somewhere else? Did he get to move back in? His haircut was nice, and she was sure that was some part of the story. It probably wasn’t a relevant detail, of course, but it was still a change. Lots of changes seemed to happen here. At the end of term, Ruben would be graduating. That change made her stomach feel weird and queasy; she didn’t want to think about it.

Instead, she raised an eyebrow at him and let out a sigh. Maybe he really was fine, but she figured she’d say something anyway. It felt important.

“I was seven when my dads started dating,” Kaye began after sitting silently for a while. “And I know it was hard. It was hard, because Papa – my biological dad – is Muggle. We’d just figured out I was magic, because the girl he knocked up didn’t bother mentioning she was a witch, and they met at some… I dunno what it’s called. The place Muggleborn families to go for help. It was weird, since I’m not Muggleborn. Anyway, sorry. My Dad – stepdad – was working for them part-time while waiting for his art career to really take off, and that’s how they met.” Kaye glanced up from her food to see if Danny was following before she continued.

“Anyway, Papa’s Muggle and Dad’s not. Which is hard enough, but is, like, the least problematic thing for them. My dad’s name is Jared Byron. Like,” here, Kaye waved her hand, as if trying to make it less of a big deal than it really was, “the Georgia Byrons. The big pureblood family in Atlanta. Very pure, very traditional, very… opposite of Dad.

“Papa hadn’t been with a man before, that I know of, and Dad says he always liked men. The Byrons didn’t kick him out at first. As long as he stayed quiet about who he liked, they’d keep him around. He was the second son – so not the heir – but all it would take is one unlucky day for him to suddenly be in charge. They don’t have other kids, so they wanted him to stay. But he wanted to be an artist and was gay, so those were already two strikes. Then Dad brought us to meet his family, when he was still trying to get their approval, and it didn’t go over very well. Something about Papa being a white, male, Muggle with a halfblood daughter didn’t appeal to them, who knows.

“When they got married, Dad took Papa’s last name. He found a good job in art. He says he’s never been happier. That getting to the happy part sucked sometimes, but he got me and Papa out of it. So… dealing with all that pureblood nonsense was worth it, to him.

“I know it’s not the same thing as what you’re dealing with, or did deal with, I don’t actually know where you’re at with that right now. But… I dunno.” Kaye shrugged and used her fork to cut another piece of lasagna. “Thought you’d like to hear that stuff like this happens more than you’d think in your world and it can have happy endings.”

  • Being found by Kaye - Dardanius Dubois, Fri Apr 6 15:11
    The rhythmic click-clacking of Kaye’s heels across the Diner floor gave Danny the few seconds warning he needed to lean back from his plate before Kaye’s utensil ‘accidentally’ skewered his head or... more
    • That was easy - Kaye, Fri Apr 6 16:22
      • That was uncomfortable - Dardanius, Sat Apr 7 03:35
        Kaye elected to shrug rather than share anything about her midterm - again, Danny was unsurprised - and he wondered if they were going to sit and eat in silence (they did that sometimes, too, he was... more
        • Oh, suck it up. - Kaye, Fri Apr 13 10:21
          It wasn’t hard to miss Danny’s big eyebrow raise at the revelation that her dad was a Byron. Kaye didn’t seem like someone who knew anything about pureblood society, but she did. She remembered being ... more
          • From sucking to swallowing - Danny, Fri Apr 13 15:13
            “If you don’t think it’s possible for it to work out, you’re less likely to think for yourself and try,” Kaye elucidated with a roll of her eyes, and Danny knew it was true. The continuation and... more
            • I have no response - Kaye, Mon Apr 16 10:23
              The idea that Ruben might be difficult to accept made her chuckle. She was clearly fond of Ruben. Sometimes, the sixth year couldn’t believe her luck at coming to Rocky Mountain International. She... more
              • I have that effect on people - Danny, Tue Apr 17 15:33
                Kaye’s ideas of what constituted as charming clearly differed from Danny’s. Ruben didn’t have charms, he had unintelligible insults, terrible dress sense, and a propensity for casting stabbing curses ... more
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