That was uncomfortable
Sat Apr 7, 2018 03:35

Kaye elected to shrug rather than share anything about her midterm - again, Danny was unsurprised - and he wondered if they were going to sit and eat in silence (they did that sometimes, too, he was pretty sure that was one of the many things Kaye did to mess with him) when she suddenly started talking about her Dads dating. Danny paused eating to listen. It was always weird when Kaye decided to share personal stuff with him; he was still getting used to being one of the people she was happy to do that with. Nevertheless the topic suggested this anecdote was for his benefit, not hers, so he gave her his full attention and waited to discover what point she was trying to make.

He already knew a little about Kaye’s family, from meeting them, from things she had said, from occasional comments Emmett or Holland had made, so he knew Thomas was a Muggle. He didn’t expect Kaye to refer to her birth mother as ‘the girl he knocked up’ and stared at his food for a moment in case his face made some expression that would get him into trouble with Kaye later on. She seemed to be contemplating her own food, however, only looking up in a pause, presumably to confirm Danny was paying attention to her story. “Okay,” he said, successful uttering the two syllables without any hint of a query concerning why Kaye was telling him how her parents met, and resumed eating his meal.

Apparently satisfied with his acknowledgment, she continued on to share that her dad was connected to the society with which Dardanius was exceptionally familiar. He knew both his eyebrows were raised in surprise (an expression perhaps more conspicuous for him now his forehead was clear of hair) at the revelation. He had some passing familiarity with the family in question; in fact he thought the Fontenots were connected to the Byrons. Danny’s eyebrows retracted slightly into a surprised frown as he worked to integrate these conflicting concepts: The man who helped raise Kaye Packman was himself raised a Byron. “That’s … interesting.” It wasn’t as fascinating to most people as to Danny, presumably, but he’d also found no other words to aptly describe how unlikely the scenario seemed to him. People from his society didn’t habitually (or ever) leave the circle to marry a Muggle, let alone of the same sex, who already had an illegitimate child. Danny held a sudden new respect for Jared.

He took a sip of his water, and then Kaye said, “Papa hadn’t been with a man before, that I know of,” and Danny struggled not to choke to death. Hearing about the liaisons of his friend’s’ parents was never high on his to-do list, and somehow he was yet less inclined to hear about it when the friend in question was discussing their own parents. The Lyra recovered quickly, remaining massively uncomfortable with Kaye talking so openly about subjects that were intimate, either to her or to her parents, but he was grateful for the concern she apparently held for him, if not the means by which she had chosen to address it.

“As long as he stayed quiet about who he liked, they’d keep him around,” Kaye said, expressing a concept with which Danny was more familiar. Keeping secrets, conducting hidden lives behind closed doors, presenting a wholesome front to the world whilst only being one’s true self in private was largely accepted as normal practise for those who deviated from expectation in any way. Dardanius knew now that his own mother lived that way, and he had definitely considered taking that route himself. In some ways it would be easier, to go with the flow, to not make waves. It didn’t sound particularly satisfying, however.

The part of the story about introducing the families to each other felt particularly relevant to Danny. Kaye said, “Something about Papa being a white, male, Muggle with a halfblood daughter didn’t appeal to them, who knows,” and Danny had to stifle a laugh. It wasn’t funny, of course - nothing about the prejudice of aristocratic families was amusing - but Kaye’s sassy yet succinct appraisal so easily made ridiculous the restrictive expectations of the wizarding elite. She was helping. He hadn’t expected that, either - this conversation was full of surprises.

Danny finished eating his meal as Kaye concluded her tale, and when she was done, he felt strangely emotional … not that he was prepared to reveal that to Kaye for even a second. It was, good Merlin, sweet of Kaye to share her personal life with him, to … what? Simply to make him feel better? “Thanks,” he said, putting his cutlery together on his plate. “That - yeah, I did like to hear it.” He decided it would be safe to smile. “I’ve not really heard about it working about,” he confessed. “You know, I hear the other side, the getting disowned or hiding your real feelings stories. Not such happy endings.”

Kaye said she didn’t know where Danny was at right now, so whatever she’d heard about his midterm had evidently not been particularly detailed (so it had probably come from Heather, which just meant that everyone in school would unfortunately have some variant of almost-truths before long). “Right now I’m - what’s the phrase? Cautiously optimistic,” he grinned. “Midterm had a rough start, I’ll accept that. I had to leave just for a couple of days to let Cl- to let the news settle,” he amended diplomatically. It was akin to putting a bandaid on a gaping wound but at least Claudia was speaking to him sometimes now. It wouldn’t help to hold a grudge.

“My parents met Holland,” Danny added, because the part of Kaye’s revelation concerning introducing the families to each other still resonated strongly with Danny. “I mean, I guess it helped that Holland doesn’t have a halfblood daughter,” he smirked, “but it could have been worse. My father’s not convinced I know what I’m doing,” he admitted - although there were moments when Danny wasn't sure himself what he was doing, so perhaps that was fair - “but I think he’s going to let me do it anyway.”

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