Claudia Dubois
It was inevitable
Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:43

She tried not to feel intimidated by his glare, obviously intended for that purpose. Claudia understood why Danny might be irritated with her, but she had been irritated with, and disappointed by, him for months, now. If he finally felt something akin to her own disgruntlement then she would not deny him its expression. She did, however, take umbrage to the manner in which he addressed her. She was not a child, nor was he in any great position of authority over her. She desired to point out that if he wanted Holland, he couldn’t continue to claim any power over Claudia - it should not be possible for him to reap the benefits of both scenarios - but she was frustratingly subdued by his dominance. Her tagine remained unfinished, but Claudia had lost her appetite.

She had suspected that Dardanius might want to talk to her, even after she had been subject to judgment from staff already. Danny would side with the administration and his deplorable infatuation, and seek to blame Claudia for their altercation. She regarded him with a neutral expression, unwilling either to let him know that his current assertive demeanour was effective in constraining her, or to further provoke him with dissension. It did not seem prudent to argue that she had no remorse for her actions, and besides, that wasn’t strictly true. She had known her spell might cause some mild distress, but nothing beyond the hurt Holland had already inflicted upon Claudia with their disrespect and open contempt for her own ideals and opinions. She hadn’t believed she would distress them to such an extent they would retaliate with a series of spells. Holland was several inches taller than Claudia, and nearly four years older, and as Head Student they should have known better than to ridicule the beliefs of another student; as Danny’s confidant they should have known better than to ridicule Claudia.

“I am sorry that we argued,” Claudia said carefully, diverting from the apology she was not prepared to offer by submitting others in its place. “I am sorry that you and Holland believe you can be happy in such a -” Danny pointedly cleared his throat, but Claudia continued with her original sentence (she was not stupid, she had no intention of uttering an insult to either of the seventh years while her brother was in this uncommonly agitated mood), “situation that is likely to attract conflicting opinions.” Danny raised an unimpressed eyebrow. Claudia pursed her lips and sought some truth she could offer that might go further to appease him.

How could he expect her to feel bad for upholding the traditions in which they had both been raised? How could he sit there and demand her to apologise for making her feelings known, when he’d been imploring her for months to explain her objections to him? It wasn’t her fault that he was making these ridiculous decisions. It wasn’t her fault that Danny had disappointed her… although she supposed that wasn't his fault, either. Not entirely.

It was true that he could so easily have avoided all of this upset, and behaved the way she expected him to. Yet despite her abhorrence of the idea, Claudia had by now accepted that people couldn’t choose their orientation. She did not expect Danny was attracted to Holland just to spite his family and society, but she did resent that he wanted to be so open about it. She had told Holland that she would be content if Dardanius wanted to conceal his perversion, and that was close to the truth. She felt uncomfortable with his preferences, but she believed she could overcome that if she didn’t have to deal with it every day. If his private life had no bearing on hers whatsoever, she was far less likely to object to it. However that wasn't at all the case; Danny’s relationship with Holland was not only offensive, but liable to be detrimental to her own life, and that was still the part Claudia was most unwilling to forgive. “I am sorry that I am unable to accept it.”

  • It’s finally happening - Dardanius Dubois, Fri Apr 13 08:33
    The Finer Diner was almost empty, populated only by those few students who were present for the very first moment dinner was served. Danny was not usually here when the room was thus deserted,... more
    • It was inevitable - Claudia Dubois, Fri Apr 13 11:43
      • A foregone conclusion - Dardanius, Fri Apr 13 14:21
        “I’m sorry about that, too.” He was not apologizing for dating Holland, but expressing regret at Claudia resisting acceptance. Holland had explained the effects of her spell to him, arming Danny with ... more
        • I wonder how long it will continue - Claudia, Sat Apr 14 07:25
          Claudia had told her friends - Connor, Caleb, Nolan, but not Skylar, yet - about the argument as soon as she had been freed from questioning by the staff. She had kept any details to a bare minimum,... more
          • A couple more posts should suffice - Danny, Sat Apr 14 09:19
            Knowing more about the spells she used offered Danny little comfort; she had intentionally - in both instances - manipulated the thoughts of her targets. She gave no indication she considered her... more
            • Then others can join in - Claudia, Sat Apr 14 12:32
              Claudia was surprised to learn that Danny had not always been so accepting of others. She had been eight years old when she’d heard about Holland, by which time her brother had evidently overcome his ... more
              • They can join now, if they want to - Danny, Sat Apr 14 14:32
                “Somewhere around Marissa.” Danny couldn’t completely conceal his smirk. Well if his relationships were the sole cause for her mistrust of him, that was equal parts good and bad news. He could... more
                • Any takers? - Claudia, Sun Apr 15 11:56
                  Claudia bit her lower lip. This was stupid. Everything about it was stupid, and Claudia was tired of fighting. She hated that Danny had done this to them, and she wasn’t sure she would ever forgive... more
                  • I guess that’s my cue - Holland Keene, Tue Apr 17 13:29
                    After the meeting with Aaron, Claudia had gone crying to Toby, who assigned Holland a month’s detention for bullying a younger student and failing to set a good example. Never mind that the younger... more
                    • Sharing this one - Danny and Claudia, Sat Apr 21 11:56
                      The look Holland gave Danny suggested they were not impressed with whatever he had schemed (it didn’t take a paranoid conspiracy theorist to assume Danny had been scheming something when he brought... more
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