Katherine Kendrick
Top of the world, unstoppable me
Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:58

“It’s the most wonderful time of the day,” Kit sang, to the tune of the well-known Christmas song, as she skipped down the hallway in her Finding Nemo leggings, crimson skort, and Minions t-shirt. Her Mokona backpack wasn’t with her because it was dinner time and dinner time meant they were done with classes for the day and done with classes for the day meant no more sitting still and being quiet. “WHOOPIE!” the redhead yelled, skipping turning into sprinting as she made her way to the Finer Diner. Man, she was hungry. The hungriest! Darby had opted to stay in their room after a long day of classes. He didn’t like the Finer Diner much, anyway. It tended to get a bit noisy for him. He preferred the library.

“Dinner TIME, dinner TIME, dinner TIME,” Kit continued to sing, now entirely off the initial tune and deep into the forests of unfortunate improv. Neither of the Kendrick girls had inherited their parents’ love of musical theater, and Kit had apparently missed the boat on a couple of other things, too. She skipped into the Finer Diner and looked around the tables at all the food that was available to her.

Recently, following some good talks with Myffi, the older student who had a really cool accent and was very pretty and did a lot of things with the gardening club, which Kit had enthusiastically joined, Kit had decided to be a vegan. She liked animals a lot, and Myffi had explained how eating a certain way was good for the planet and good for animals, which Kit thought was just the best. She’d never thought about how eating something could affect other people before, except for when it was at home and there were leftovers and she ate the last leftovers before Dad or Mom or Marissa could, ‘cause that definitely affected other people and even affected her sometimes when they were super tasty leftovers or meant for dinner or something and someone got mad. But this was different, and Kit was happy to do her part.

In the interest of following her new diet to the letter, Kit sat down at a table that looked like it had a bunch of vegetables. There was salad, which was all the veggies in one go, and also pickles, which were one of the best vegetables, and sweet potato fries, which were also great vegetables. And then there was hamburgers, which weren’t vegetables but were still tasty and good for you. She put all of those things on her plate, considering taking another hamburger before deciding to wait until she was done with her first one. Waiting was good. Patience was good. Breathing was good. But HAMBURGERS were BETTER.

She put another one on her plate, then immediately bashed her elbow into the person that had just appeared next to her.

“Hi sorry hi!” Kit exclaimed, putting her plate down before turning to figure out who it was that she had just elbowed. “It was an accident I promise!”

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