A foregone conclusion
Fri Apr 13, 2018 14:21

“I’m sorry about that, too.” He was not apologizing for dating Holland, but expressing regret at Claudia resisting acceptance. Holland had explained the effects of her spell to him, arming Danny with this repulsive insight into Claudia’s mind, exposing vulnerabilities in her arguments that he could exploit. There were three points he wanted to address, none of them any less imperative than the others:

He needed to discuss Claudia’s prejudices with her. Aged eleven, before he’d interacted with any of the people he now claimed as his best friends, he held similarly narrow-minded views about the world and its people. At fourteen - Claudia’s age now - Dardanius had upheld similarly rigid constructs about their society and his place within it. By eighteen he was more sure of himself as an individual, and could acknowledge that nothing about the world was a strict dichotomy: there was no right or wrong, nothing inherently good or evil, and everything was open to interpretation or reconstruction. If he could encourage Claudia to be more open to this philosophy it would alleviate her strict adherence to unsuitable or incongruent limitations.

Of equal importance was the emerging pattern of his sister using magic to inflict mental anguish on her opponents. Dardanius did not believe there was ever sufficient cause for this, and certainly it had not been an acceptable reaction in either of the circumstances in which Claudia had demonstrated a callousness for another’s emotional well-being. He doubted she had been aware of the full extent of the effects of either hex before casting them, but that potentially made her more dangerous - Danny would not use a spell against another person without being fully informed of the ramifications. She was more magically powerful than he had anticipated (which was an arrogant oversight, based on her need to study hard to approach the grades he had achieved without effort); at least he was now in a position to respect that.

Finally it was unsustainable for Claudia to continue this toxic relationship with Danny - and with Holland - so he was determined to find some way of soothing her frustration on that score, at least to a degree wherein Holland was safe from further repercussions of any variety.

Isolating areas for scrutiny was a great deal more simple than identifying how to tackle them to yield positive results. “I know you feel betrayed,” Danny began, “by me, by Holland, by our parents.” He frowned at her. “So perhaps you can imagine how betrayed I feel. How Holland feels.” He went on to explain in detail the effects her two spells had on their respective victims, emphasizing the sensations of loss and abandonment for himself, and of self-loathing and shame for Holland. He did not spare her feelings when she looked uncomfortable with the anguish he described.

“So you’ve destroyed your friendship with Holland, whatever that was worth,” he concluded. “I would certainly have trouble trusting you again.” Danny sighed. “Tell me about the spells,” his intonation issued a command. “What they do, and how you learned them.”

  • It was inevitable - Claudia Dubois, Fri Apr 13 11:43
    She tried not to feel intimidated by his glare, obviously intended for that purpose. Claudia understood why Danny might be irritated with her, but she had been irritated with, and disappointed by,... more
    • A foregone conclusion - Dardanius, Fri Apr 13 14:21
      • I wonder how long it will continue - Claudia, Sat Apr 14 07:25
        Claudia had told her friends - Connor, Caleb, Nolan, but not Skylar, yet - about the argument as soon as she had been freed from questioning by the staff. She had kept any details to a bare minimum,... more
        • A couple more posts should suffice - Danny, Sat Apr 14 09:19
          Knowing more about the spells she used offered Danny little comfort; she had intentionally - in both instances - manipulated the thoughts of her targets. She gave no indication she considered her... more
          • Then others can join in - Claudia, Sat Apr 14 12:32
            Claudia was surprised to learn that Danny had not always been so accepting of others. She had been eight years old when she’d heard about Holland, by which time her brother had evidently overcome his ... more
            • They can join now, if they want to - Danny, Sat Apr 14 14:32
              “Somewhere around Marissa.” Danny couldn’t completely conceal his smirk. Well if his relationships were the sole cause for her mistrust of him, that was equal parts good and bad news. He could... more
              • Any takers? - Claudia, Sun Apr 15 11:56
                Claudia bit her lower lip. This was stupid. Everything about it was stupid, and Claudia was tired of fighting. She hated that Danny had done this to them, and she wasn’t sure she would ever forgive... more
                • I guess that’s my cue - Holland Keene, Tue Apr 17 13:29
                  After the meeting with Aaron, Claudia had gone crying to Toby, who assigned Holland a month’s detention for bullying a younger student and failing to set a good example. Never mind that the younger... more
                  • Sharing this one - Danny and Claudia, Sat Apr 21 11:56
                    The look Holland gave Danny suggested they were not impressed with whatever he had schemed (it didn’t take a paranoid conspiracy theorist to assume Danny had been scheming something when he brought... more
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