From sucking to swallowing
Fri Apr 13, 2018 15:13

“If you don’t think it’s possible for it to work out, you’re less likely to think for yourself and try,” Kaye elucidated with a roll of her eyes, and Danny knew it was true. The continuation and perpetuation of the society depended on restrictive behavior and absolute rules. If its members were allowed to bend and break rules as suited them, there would be no rigid hierarchy, and no benefit to those who conformed. Well, Danny was going to be an exception. He maintained he was going to stubbornly continue to associate with society, and use his influence within it to amend archaic views and unrealistic expectations. If he could convince the younger generation - where he anticipated having more luck than with the older constituents, who had already been forced to bend to the will of the patriarchy - that magical bloodlines could continue, and families could still prosper without upholding elitist and prejudiced ideals, then he’d consider any minor setback he suffered (such as leaving his home for a few extra days, or enduring the occasional unpleasant hex from an unconvinced opposer) to be worth it.

Of course Kaye grinned when Danny mentioned introducing Holland to his parents. That girl thrived on mayhem and potential for catastrophe. To her credit, she didn’t look too disappointed that the visit had gone reasonably well (although as she seemed to be offering some sort of support and encouragement in this conversation, in her usual non-direct fashion, perhaps there just wasn’t a bad outcome of this scenario as far as Kaye was concerned). In return, Danny did not bother to cover his smirk nor the accompanying chuckle as Kaye revealed that her family had also enjoyed company over midterm. For all his many, many annoying qualities, Danny was now able to concede that Ruben did seem to be a good boyfriend - he had been to Holland, and he was to Kaye.

“I didn’t notice any dead animals,” Danny confirmed, his voice still holding residual laughter, “which was probably for the best.” He grinned. “You can’t really blame people for being a little freaked out by Ruben,” Danny commented. “Your boyfriend isn’t the easiest pill to swallow. In case you hadn’t noticed.” In that regard they suited each other perfectly, in Danny’s opinion - Kaye wasn’t always easy to get along with, either. He was relatively certain that his own parents would prefer Holland as a houseguest over Ruben (fish-bearing, antler-wearing or otherwise) and probably over Kaye, too. He was tempted to introduce them one day, just to see what would happen, but perhaps he’d allow his parents to get over the last shock he’d given them. They were on his side, after all.

  • Oh, suck it up. - Kaye, Fri Apr 13 10:21
    It wasn’t hard to miss Danny’s big eyebrow raise at the revelation that her dad was a Byron. Kaye didn’t seem like someone who knew anything about pureblood society, but she did. She remembered being ... more
    • From sucking to swallowing - Danny, Fri Apr 13 15:13
      • I have no response - Kaye, Mon Apr 16 10:23
        The idea that Ruben might be difficult to accept made her chuckle. She was clearly fond of Ruben. Sometimes, the sixth year couldn’t believe her luck at coming to Rocky Mountain International. She... more
        • I have that effect on people - Danny, Tue Apr 17 15:33
          Kaye’s ideas of what constituted as charming clearly differed from Danny’s. Ruben didn’t have charms, he had unintelligible insults, terrible dress sense, and a propensity for casting stabbing curses ... more
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