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Sat Apr 14, 2018 09:19

Knowing more about the spells she used offered Danny little comfort; she had intentionally - in both instances - manipulated the thoughts of her targets. She gave no indication she considered her actions inappropriate, and nothing about her demeanour suggested either spell caused her to suffer any negative feelings whatsoever. “I didn’t mean to make Holland feel that way about themself,” Claudia said, sounding, in Danny’s opinion, more defensive than remorseful.

“I didn’t know you felt that way about Holland,” he replied, his disappointment practically tangible. He didn’t understand how Claudia could harbour those feelings for someone she had referred to as a friend. He liked to believe she hadn’t always thought that way, that perhaps her disdain for Holland had evolved along with their relationship with Danny - that confusion and perceived treachery had mutated ignorance into revulsion - but he clearly had no idea about Claudia’s true feelings, and could not be sure that had ever been the case.

“I can understand your hesitancy to accept less conventional identities,” he told her, not prepared to excuse her actions - or those of anyone in similar situations - but seeking to explain what had once been a common ground, “because of our sheltered upbringing.” Danny next recounted to Claudia his own behaviour upon meeting Holland: he had declared it nonsensical to be neither binary gender, had intentionally used incorrect pronouns, had looked down on Holland because of their Muggle father (and on Muggles in general), had effectively bullied them by believing himself to be superior simply because his own identity was more aligned with societal norms. If Holland hated these people, as Claudia implied, it was not without reason.

Then Danny explained how Holland had met his ignorance with information, his arrogance with patience. “I don’t expect you to encourage or even support gender identities or orientations different to your own,” he relented, “but you will be less conflicted if you can learn to accept them.”

“You are surrounded by people who do not fit your restrictive ideals. Holland, and Marley. And me.” Danny decided not to out their mother to Claudia. It wasn’t his place to tell, and it might make matters worse, certainly at home, if not at school. He shook his head, as if denying her prejudice a place in his reality. “Claudia, you are one of the most important people in my life. I’m still here to look out for you, and protect you. I’m still your brother, I still support protection of wizardkind, and understand the importance of prominence in society.” He wanted to make it clear that his attraction to Holland, and his readiness to confront the system that forbade it, were just aspects of his personality, not its whole. Yet he might as well make clear that not all of his ideals remained unaltered. “However I no longer support the oppression of personal freedom. I’d rather be part of a society that values an individual for their contributions, not their ability to conform. I intend to use any influence I have to affect that change.”

“We still share many of the same ideals,” he reiterated, increasing the volume of his voice only to be more easily heard over the growing buzz of activity as the Diner because more populated. “I consider your future happiness of paramount importance,” Dardanius confirmed this, too, was still a fact, “and as long as we are on the same side, Claudia, I will do what I can to help you achieve that. Listen,” he said firmly, before she could object, “I am convinced that if you want to, you will make an enviable betrothal. Having liberal parents,” (Great Merlin, when had Alexandre Dubois become anything less than conservative?) “and a brother who defies convention will not be too detrimental.” He elected not to remind her that he and Holland might break up before they were even out of school - he didn’t want it, and right now he didn’t think they wanted it, but he could not deny the possibility - because he didn’t want to give her false hope, or encourage her to force that outcome. He was more interested in repairing his relationship with his sister, or at least preventing further hostility. “When did you stop trusting me?”

  • I wonder how long it will continue - Claudia, Sat Apr 14 07:25
    Claudia had told her friends - Connor, Caleb, Nolan, but not Skylar, yet - about the argument as soon as she had been freed from questioning by the staff. She had kept any details to a bare minimum,... more
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      • Then others can join in - Claudia, Sat Apr 14 12:32
        Claudia was surprised to learn that Danny had not always been so accepting of others. She had been eight years old when she’d heard about Holland, by which time her brother had evidently overcome his ... more
        • They can join now, if they want to - Danny, Sat Apr 14 14:32
          “Somewhere around Marissa.” Danny couldn’t completely conceal his smirk. Well if his relationships were the sole cause for her mistrust of him, that was equal parts good and bad news. He could... more
          • Any takers? - Claudia, Sun Apr 15 11:56
            Claudia bit her lower lip. This was stupid. Everything about it was stupid, and Claudia was tired of fighting. She hated that Danny had done this to them, and she wasn’t sure she would ever forgive... more
            • I guess that’s my cue - Holland Keene, Tue Apr 17 13:29
              After the meeting with Aaron, Claudia had gone crying to Toby, who assigned Holland a month’s detention for bullying a younger student and failing to set a good example. Never mind that the younger... more
              • Sharing this one - Danny and Claudia, Sat Apr 21 11:56
                The look Holland gave Danny suggested they were not impressed with whatever he had schemed (it didn’t take a paranoid conspiracy theorist to assume Danny had been scheming something when he brought... more
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