They can join now, if they want to
Sat Apr 14, 2018 14:32

“Somewhere around Marissa.” Danny couldn’t completely conceal his smirk. Well if his relationships were the sole cause for her mistrust of him, that was equal parts good and bad news. He could potentially work to address her issues now he was certain of their origin, but in the meantime the situation was unlikely to improve.

“I don’t get why you would risk ruining your life for them.” Danny clasped his hands on the table in front of him as he contemplated how to answer. He didn’t need to offer any explanation, because his reasons for taking this risk were personal, and consequently none of Claudia’s business. Yet in the interest of continuing the progress he felt he had been making during their conversation, Danny elected to offer some insight. “If my future is different to what I had originally expected, that’s not ruined; it’s just different,” he clarified. “And it will have been by my choice, or due to the actions of others, over which Holland has no control.” He thought it would not hurt to make the point crystal clear that Holland had no direct influence on any detrimental aspect of his future.

The response he had given dealt with the ruining his life part of her question, but not why Holland, specifically. It had been different with Marissa, for many reasons, but most crucially for Danny, he had never believed their relationship was enduring. They were close friends with a mutual physical attraction, but that was its extent. Even at the height of his infatuation with Marissa, Danny had known that’s all it was. They had never discussed the future, never considered what might happen after graduation, because they had both realised it was not relevant. When Marissa had broken up with him, Danny had been sad, but most of his misery had derived from the manner of their break up - he felt he had let her down - than its cessation. Holland was different. Danny had thought dating them would be impossible because of a thousand different reasons, all to do with constraints put in place by other people, and none of them due to any perceived incompatibility of personality.

“Holland… has never once given up on me,” Danny said. “They’re the voice in my head that stops me being a complete idiot all the time,” he acknowledged that even with Holland’s help he was still a bit of an idiot for at least some of the time. Danny looked up to where Holland had seated themself in the Diner, with some of their friends, and smiled automatically. “They are prepared to face sectarians like you,” he turned back to Claudia, his smile dropping for a moment, “to be with me.” He could not adequately convey how much that meant, particularly in the light of recent events. They were still not deterred. “Why wouldn’t I risk my life for them?”

Without waiting for an answer, Danny unclasped his hands. “Those are the reasons you are going to apologise,” he said, all his former authoritarian demeanour restored in an instant. He stood, waiting for Claudia to do the same. “I hope our discussion has ignited your spirit of contrition.” He gestured for Claudia to walk with him, and he accompanied her to the table at which Holland, along with their friends, was seated. “Sorry to interrupt,” he announced their presence. “Claudia has something she would like to say.”

  • Then others can join in - Claudia, Sat Apr 14 12:32
    Claudia was surprised to learn that Danny had not always been so accepting of others. She had been eight years old when she’d heard about Holland, by which time her brother had evidently overcome his ... more
    • They can join now, if they want to - Danny, Sat Apr 14 14:32
      • Any takers? - Claudia, Sun Apr 15 11:56
        Claudia bit her lower lip. This was stupid. Everything about it was stupid, and Claudia was tired of fighting. She hated that Danny had done this to them, and she wasn’t sure she would ever forgive... more
        • I guess that’s my cue - Holland Keene, Tue Apr 17 13:29
          After the meeting with Aaron, Claudia had gone crying to Toby, who assigned Holland a month’s detention for bullying a younger student and failing to set a good example. Never mind that the younger... more
          • Sharing this one - Danny and Claudia, Sat Apr 21 11:56
            The look Holland gave Danny suggested they were not impressed with whatever he had schemed (it didn’t take a paranoid conspiracy theorist to assume Danny had been scheming something when he brought... more
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