Any takers?
Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:56

Claudia bit her lower lip. This was stupid. Everything about it was stupid, and Claudia was tired of fighting. She hated that Danny had done this to them, and she wasn’t sure she would ever forgive him. Elinor was nice; Claudia liked her. When she’d overheard the couple discussing a potential betrothal arrangement, she had been so excited by the concept of a sister-in-law she could admire, who came from a respectable family. Even if Danny and Holland came to their senses and abandoned this doomed spectacle, would Elinor still be available? Would she still be interested? Would anyone with any standing in society? Claudia supposed she had to let go of that particular dream; Danny’s dates were trending in an increasingly more objectionable direction.

The most stupid part of all was that when Danny talked about Holland, his admiration and affection evident, Claudia’s body started betraying her mind: her throat tightened and her eyes prickled. If he was trying to manipulate her emotions by reminding her that Holland was a decent person, who she’d hurt, then he would be disappointed. Claudia resolutely had no guilt of her injury against someone who posed a threat. It was more likely, however, that Dardanius was innocently translating what he believed constituted valid reasons for denouncing his familial responsibilities. He was - stupid decisions, made even with purportedly more rational influences, aside - generally a good person. Who clearly liked Holland.

Merlin curse him, that wasn’t sufficient excuse for this rigmarole. Claudia liked Holland, too … or, well. They had helped her with make-up, and her hair, which had been gracious of them. Until this week they had always been polite and respectful - traits Claudia valued - and she had previously felt she could trust them. That didn’t mean they were a suitable candidate to be initiated into a society they so clearly detested; it didn’t mean Danny had to parade this diabolical travesty. Yet apparently it did mean that he was prepared to do so, without fear of retribution or discrimination.

As if to prove it, he was standing, and gesturing for Claudia to follow suit. She obeyed, her heart pounding feverishly as she saw Holland and realised what was about to happen. “Claudia has something she would like to say.”

She was too startled by the suddenness of his challenge to even glare at her brother. Instead she looked at Holland, and swallowed, and dug her fingernails into her palms, and her knuckles into her thighs, and tried not to lose consciousness. “I…” she started, but her voice caught in her throat. This was humiliating, which she was sure had been a salient aspect of Danny’s intentions. “Holland,” she tried again, and her voice was still quiet, but more steady. She tried to pretend nobody else was there to hear her, with limited success. “I’m sorry I tried to persuade you to break up with Danny.” She swallowed again, despite protests from her constricted throat. She licked her lips to encourage some moisture back to her dry mouth.

Claudia looked at Danny, who was watching her carefully, his arms folded across his chest; he nodded for her to continue. She wasn’t sorry she’d hurt them. She wouldn’t apologise for that. However, “I did not realise the spell I used would- would be so… thorough.” She did regret using it, but only part of that was due to its effects; she also resented being reported to staff, and did not relish that her private opinions about Holland - formed in anger - were known to them. “I won’t confront either of you on this matter again.” She was done fighting.

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    • Any takers? - Claudia, Sun Apr 15 11:56
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