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Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:23

The idea that Ruben might be difficult to accept made her chuckle. She was clearly fond of Ruben. Sometimes, the sixth year couldn’t believe her luck at coming to Rocky Mountain International. She and Ruben transferred in at the same exact time. They both met on Pearl Street, and they got ice cream together. They both fell into the same friendships, they were sorted into the same house, and they shared many of the same thoughts and ideals, particularly when it came to how they dressed and how they had fun. It was so crazy that the universe threw the two of them together that there had to be a word for this kind of phenomenon.

“He isn’t, but that’s part of the charm,” she grinned. “Life is much more interesting when you can’t predict what’s going to happen next.”

No one could’ve predicted Ruben showing up at their house on Christmas. Well, she hadn’t actually been that surprised when he appeared, so many she could have predicted it after all. Whatever, it was still so much fun to be surprised. Thomas didn’t seem to think so, especially when his daughter tried to convince him to let Ruben spend the night. He’d said no, but then she went to Jared, who said yes, and Thomas gave up. The argument they made was relatively valid, even though he didn’t like it. The magic users pointed out that the Swede probably shouldn’t apparate home so quickly after teleporting across countries. There was something about higher potential for splinching, which he didn’t fully understand but the word itself sounded painful enough to want to avoid. They’d agreed that Ruben could stay as long as he used the guest room.

Thomas learned to be a little more specific next time.

“You know,” Kaye teased, “If you really want your parents to see Holland as a good choice for you, you could always bring me or Ruben home. I’m pretty sure that if they thought you were dating one of us, suddenly Holland would seem like a perfect choice.” Not to mention Claudia. Kaye would love to see the younger girl react to Danny bringing Ruben home to date. It would be the most delightful mess to ever happen.

  • From sucking to swallowing - Danny, Fri Apr 13 15:13
    “If you don’t think it’s possible for it to work out, you’re less likely to think for yourself and try,” Kaye elucidated with a roll of her eyes, and Danny knew it was true. The continuation and... more
    • I have no response - Kaye, Mon Apr 16 10:23
      • I have that effect on people - Danny, Tue Apr 17 15:33
        Kaye’s ideas of what constituted as charming clearly differed from Danny’s. Ruben didn’t have charms, he had unintelligible insults, terrible dress sense, and a propensity for casting stabbing curses ... more
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