I have that effect on people
Tue Apr 17, 2018 15:33

Kaye’s ideas of what constituted as charming clearly differed from Danny’s. Ruben didn’t have charms, he had unintelligible insults, terrible dress sense, and a propensity for casting stabbing curses on people who claim they have no interest in fighting him. It did concern him from time to time that Holland had somehow been attracted to both of them. Marissa had obviously not been much opposed to Ruben, either. Concerning. Very concerning.

“Life is much more interesting when you can’t predict what’s going to happen next,” Kaye philosophized, and again Danny had to disagree. He liked routine, he found comfort in structure. He read textbook introductions so he knew what to expect, and glanced ahead at the menus posted at the Diner entrance each day so he could plan his meals accordingly. Almost everything he did was planned and precisely executed. The most obvious exception being his decision to pursue an involvement with Holland. That had made his existence rather more unpredictable, which apparently would suit some, if Kaye’s assertion was made in earnest, but it prompted Danny to overthink more than usual, and that was rarely beneficial.

“I like knowing what’s going on,” he countered. “If I can tell what’s coming I can plan for it. Unpredictability is unsettling,” he commented lightly, as though this were any other topic of conversation, not one which held crucial significance to him at the current time. He liked solving logic puzzles, he enjoyed games of strategy; his methodological approach to dueling made him a more focused opponent, and his attention to the other Quidditch teams as well as his own was probably contributing to Lyra performing well in the House championship games.

Similarly, Kaye’s voice when she next spoke had an inflection that suggested mischief: it was a clue that she was about to tease him that she didn’t often offer (usually she said stuff in her usual voice and Danny was never really sure whether she was serious or not). Consequently he was less taken aback than he might otherwise have been when she suggested, “...you could always bring me or Ruben home. I’m pretty sure that if they thought you were dating one of us, suddenly Holland would seem like a perfect choice.”

Danny’s mouth opened a little, then he closed it again. What a truly terrifying concept. While Kaye was positively not the sort of girl his parents originally had in mind for him, she was at least a girl. Besides, his mother was still friends with Lia, and Kaye was probably not far off from how Lia had been as a teenager. Danny shook his head. This conversation was producing a lot of strange thoughts. Regardless, Kaye was unlikely to be considered a worse option from his parents’ perspective than Holland. Ruben on the other hand… just meeting the Swede would probably make his parents seek some sort of emotional support thereafter. He’d made Claudia faint just by talking to her, so Danny knew that was a possibility.

“Thanks for the offer,” he managed a strangely uncomfortable smirk. “But I’ll pass. I find you… somewhat less repugnant than I used to,” he conceded, “but I’m not letting you meet my parents, you’d strip them of my family heirlooms,” he teased. “And Ruben?” Danny didn’t quite suppress a shudder. “Just. Just no. No thank you.”

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    The idea that Ruben might be difficult to accept made her chuckle. She was clearly fond of Ruben. Sometimes, the sixth year couldn’t believe her luck at coming to Rocky Mountain International. She... more
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