Remington Burnham
Maybe some self-control would be good?
Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:56

Remington couldn’t ignore the growling in her stomach. It was the second hour she’d spent in the library that afternoon. She found herself completely transfixed by the book Potions Most Potent, which she’d picked up both for fun and for class. It was a nice mix of things that were questionable and things that were fun. She’d just finished up a chapter on sensory changing spells - which included a potion that could alter your taste buds - when her stomach growled loud enough to bother Huburt.

Realistically, she’d hoped to stay in the library a little bit longer. Remington still felt uneasy about the day the library was dark. This was her favorite place on campus, and the school had decided she couldn’t go there for a whole day. Was the school breaking down? All this nonsense had to be against some kind of code. The third year wondered if parents were being informed and what the school was doing to fix it.

After returning Huburt’s dirty look with one of her own (as if she could control the noises her stomach made), she packed up, checked out her book, and made her way to the Diner.

She’d thought she’d been doing pretty well at getting rid of the last of her baby fat, but at Christmas, her TiTi had given her a book that was a guide to healthy eating. Her mom had gone off, asking what business a grown ass adult had giving a thirteen year old a diet book, but most of her cursing was in Spanish. TiTi didn’t get it, and the Draco had gone back to wearing large sweaters. Today’s sweater was a pretty pastel pink with little fuzzies all over. Her jeans still fit really nicely, but now she was uncomfortable and self-conscious about it.

After scanning the Finer Diner for a place to sit, Remington spotted Kit. She momentarily considered sitting somewhere by herself, but if she sat with Kit, maybe Drew would show up soon after.

Today’s bow was a bejeweled butterfly that lazily flapped its wings every so often. It kept her thick brown curls out of her face, so Kit would have seen Remington give her a friendly smile when she sat down. Then again, if the younger girl were paying attention, she also would have seen the Draco raise her eyebrows at the red head’s plate. Kit had sworn herself to a vegan lifestyle but didn’t seem to know what that meant. Before Remington could even decide on pointing out the problem with two hamburgers (or be frustrated that someone could eat two hamburgers and be so skinny), Kit managed to elbow her in the side.

She let out a squeak and a loud breath, then clutched her side. That would possibly leave a bruise. To be fair, being friends with Kit lent itself to bumps and bruises. At this point, it wasn’t a surprise; it was an expectation.

“It’s fine,” Remington said through clenched teeth. “I know you didn’t mean it.” She noticed some vegetable spring rolls on the table and when the pain dulled a little more, she added some to her plate. She also added a portion of salmon cooked in soy sauce with roasted asparagus.

“Is Drew coming?” She asked once her plate was full. “I haven’t seen him since class. He’s been trying to hang out with Darlene more.” It was an attraction she just didn’t get, but it wasn’t her business to understand. She changed the subject after a bite of her salmon, remembering that Kit was not the person to talk to about Darlene. What could they talk about? She went the easy route. “No Darby today? Is he okay?”

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    “It’s the most wonderful time of the day,” Kit sang, to the tune of the well-known Christmas song, as she skipped down the hallway in her Finding Nemo leggings, crimson skort, and Minions t-shirt.... more
    • Maybe some self-control would be good? - Remington Burnham, Wed Apr 18 11:56
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