Danny and Claudia
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Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:56

The look Holland gave Danny suggested they were not impressed with whatever he had schemed (it didnít take a paranoid conspiracy theorist to assume Danny had been scheming something when he brought Claudia over to Hollandís table) so he responded with an apologetic shrug. He hadnít initially planned on forcing an interaction today, but as his discussion with Claudia had been received better than anticipated, when heíd seen Holland arrive in the Diner, Danny had decided to use her suggestible mood to his immediate advantage. He knew that Holland had a squad of friends devoted to protecting and defending them, and it was disconcerting that his little sister might be in receipt of their wrath. Naturally Danny was on Hollandís side in this debacle, but it was also his responsibility to keep Claudia from harm. If he could demonstrate to Hollandís friends that he was dealing with Claudia, as was his prerogative, he hoped it would reduce the likelihood they would seek vengeance on her on Hollandís behalf. Furthermore it was imperative Claudia understood he would not tolerate this behaviour from her; he expected by now that point, at least, had been adequately made.

It wasnít until they were closer to the table that Danny realised Marley was among the group more usually seated together. Holland had explained to Danny what they understood about the girlsí argument, so it seemed fitting that Marley was here to witness Claudiaís initial attempts at an apology, too. Yet Claudia didnít seem to have noticed her ex-best friend, focused as she was on Holland. It transpired to not be much of an apology, but her statement that she would not interfere with them dating again was sufficient for Danny. He did not expect Holland and Claudia to resume their previous, conflict-free acquaintanceship any time soon, if ever, but it was not sustainable for this animosity to continue forever, if only to preserve his own sanity. That Claudia was prepared to offer any apology, no matter how pathetic, or assurance that she would not harm them again, rendered him temporarily satisfied.

Claudia had not expected Holland to accept her apology, let alone to thank her for offering one. She was glad they did, because at least they acknowledged she was making an effort to respond to the injuries she had purportedly caused. She noticed they did not deign to do the same. ďI hope we can settle our differences more civilly in the future,Ē Holland said. Claudia fought hard not to scoff, managing instead a thin-lipped expression that did not contain sufficient warmth to be called a smile. If she werenít sure it would result in yet more detentions, Claudia would be sorely tempted to respond in exactly the same manner, should their differences ever require settling in future.

Assuming she would now be permitted to leave, having done as Dardanius instructed, Claudia withdrew her gaze from Holland, only to notice the other Diners at the table. Specifically, she noticed Marley. Claudia hesitated for the briefest moment. Though it had started to settle, her heart resumed its feverish pounding. Of course Marley would be siding with Holland, and Danny, and Professor McKindy. It was understandable that they all needed to band together to feel justified in their selfish decisions, their shared abnormality. Claudiaís chest clenched painfully. So what if Marley didnít want to be friends with her, she thought resentfully, her cheeks flushing pink. Claudia had other friends now. Shooting a parting glare at her brother, she strode smartly from the table without another word.

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    After the meeting with Aaron, Claudia had gone crying to Toby, who assigned Holland a monthís detention for bullying a younger student and failing to set a good example. Never mind that the younger... more
    • Sharing this one - Danny and Claudia, Sat Apr 21 11:56
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