Andrew Tennant
Happy Valentine’s Day [Darlene]
Thu May 3, 2018 15:03

The thing about trying to go on a date when you couldn’t go to Pearl Street was that you had to get pretty creative. Drew was creative, but the thing about trying to date Darlene was that she didn’t have hobbies that would work as dates. Like, if he was helping someone plan a date for Kit, he would suggest something that was kind of active and a little crazy, like climbing the really tall trees in the outdoor classroom, and he would suggest letting her bring Darby because that made Kit happy. Or for Remy, he would suggest making a blanket fort in the corner of the library and bringing snacks and one of her favorite books so they could take turns reading out loud. As far as he could tell Darlene didn’t have hobbies like that.

But then Drew had had an idea. He’d checked with Remington to see if another girl (Kit didn’t really count as as girl, and she wouldn’t have helped him with something for Darlene anyway) would think it was dumb or corny. She’d said it was a good idea, so he had gone ahead and asked some of the House elves he got along with best if she would help. He’d tried to be super clear that it wasn’t part of their jobs and that he wouldn’t be upset or anything if they didn’t want to help or didn’t have time. (He had deliberately not asked Kizzy, because having Kizzy around on a date would be sort of like having your great-aunt there. Drew didn’t have any actual great-aunts but he was pretty sure Kizzy counted.) And most of the house elves he asked had said yes they would help, so Drew had gotten everything ready.

On Valentine’s Day, Drew met Darlene at the Finer Diner for dinner. Instead of going to one of the round family-style tables where students normally ate, Drew offered her his arm and walked her over to a less-crowded part of the room, where there was a table for two marked with a Reserved sign. The table was set with a white tablecloth, a single rose in a glass vase, and a candlestick burning with a cool pink flame.

“We can’t go to Pearl Street until next year,” Drew said, grinning, “but I really wanted to take you out to dinner. So… happy Valentine’s Day.” He was blushing a little, and he was pretty sure she could totally tell even with his skin tone. He pulled out her chair for her before taking his own seat.

After they sat down, Tally, one of the kitchen house elves, would bring them menus. (Remington had volunteered to write out the menus for him, because Drew’s handwriting “looks like you asked Darby to take your notes” and hers was like a calligraphy primer. She was a really good friend.) The menus were really just a list of the food the house elves had already planned on serving for dinner that day—Drew hadn’t wanted to make the elves go to any extra trouble of making different food, since he was already borrowing one of them to be their waiter. Tally would take their orders and bring their food, just like at a real restaurant. Maybe Remy was wrong and Darlene would think it was kind of silly, but seeing it come together, Drew still thought it was a good idea.

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    • Brb, screaming - Darlene Knight, Thu May 3 16:33
      Drew Tennant had asked her to have dinner with him. That wasn’t super abnormal, since they were friends and required food to function as human beings. But the thing was, he specifically asked her... more
      • With joy, I hope - Drew, Fri May 4 14:45
        Wow Darlene was pretty. Like, so pretty. Drew didn’t know anything about fashion, but Darlene’s dress looked really nice on her and she had done a fancy braid thing with her hair and he just couldn’t ... more
        • With all the joy in the world - Darlene, Thu May 17 09:48
          He said she was pretty. He said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she... more
          • Save some for me - Drew, Sun May 20 15:55
            ‘Studying’ wasn’t the kind of answer that told Drew anything about Darlene’s hobbies, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to talk about yesterday’s Astronomy quiz. Drew didn’t know how Darlene did in... more
            • Okay, just for you though. - Darlene, Wed Jun 20 18:18
              Darlene propped her arm on the table and leaned gently, too infatuated to remember the social faux pa of putting her elbow on the table. She adored the way Drew spoke about his little sister. Darlene ... more
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