Darlene Knight
Brb, screaming
Thu May 3, 2018 16:33

Drew Tennant had asked her to have dinner with him. That wasn’t super abnormal, since they were friends and required food to function as human beings. But the thing was, he specifically asked her today, February 14th. Also known as Valentine’s Day, the most romantic and beautiful day of the year. Darlene was beautiful, so it was up to Drew to bring the romance.

That was the problem with having a crush on a boy. Ladies had to wait to be wooed. She couldn’t just go telling him how she felt. That made you look stupid. Plus, it was simply improper form. Boys did the romancing, girls got romanced, won like the spectacular prizes they were. Like she was.

A special occasion of potential life-changing proportion required the brunette be at her best in all regards. Particular attention had to be paid, especially to her appearance. Her mother did not allow her to own or wear any makeup yet, but she figured what her mother didn’t know wouldn’t get her grounded, so she turned to the most skilled makeup artist she could find: Holland Keene. Darlene didn’t quite understand them (although with everything that had happened between them and her friend Claudia, she didn’t dare say that out loud to anyone), but she had no problem with their… themness. Plus, skills were skills, and Holland had the makeup skills. In this case, they were nice enough to let her borrow some lip gloss, so she was very thankful.

Her dress was a gentle blue with some floral designs in the material, which sat just off her shoulders. It stretched only to her mid-thigh, and she did not wear any tights or anything (scandalous, she knew, but she really liked this boy, okay?!) And with her hair in a sort of crown-like braid, Darlene felt very grown up. She wasn’t a little girl anymore. She was a Teenager. On a Real Date. With Drew Tennant. Eek!

The blue was contrasted by the immediate flush that rose to her cheeks when Drew offered his arm and led her to a reserved table that even had a candle and a rose. And was he blushing too? It was a little harder to tell on him than her for obvious reasons, but she could have sworn she saw more reddish hues than usual on his perfect face.

“Drew, this is…. Wow,” she breathed as she took her seat. (The seat he pulled out for her! Seriously, what a gentleman!) A House Elf handed her a menu, and she smiled a genuine, “Thank you,” to the creature before looking it over. But how was she supposed to focus on food - however nicely designed the menu was - with such a considerate and amazing boy sitting across from her? “This is amazing,” she said, finally finding an adjective, even if it still felt flat. “Thank you so much.”

  • Happy Valentine’s Day [Darlene] - Andrew Tennant, Thu May 3 15:03
    The thing about trying to go on a date when you couldn’t go to Pearl Street was that you had to get pretty creative. Drew was creative, but the thing about trying to date Darlene was that she didn’t... more
    • Brb, screaming - Darlene Knight, Thu May 3 16:33
      • With joy, I hope - Drew, Fri May 4 14:45
        Wow Darlene was pretty. Like, so pretty. Drew didn’t know anything about fashion, but Darlene’s dress looked really nice on her and she had done a fancy braid thing with her hair and he just couldn’t ... more
        • With all the joy in the world - Darlene, Thu May 17 09:48
          He said she was pretty. He said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she... more
          • Save some for me - Drew, Sun May 20 15:55
            ‘Studying’ wasn’t the kind of answer that told Drew anything about Darlene’s hobbies, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to talk about yesterday’s Astronomy quiz. Drew didn’t know how Darlene did in... more
            • Okay, just for you though. - Darlene, Wed Jun 20 18:18
              Darlene propped her arm on the table and leaned gently, too infatuated to remember the social faux pa of putting her elbow on the table. She adored the way Drew spoke about his little sister. Darlene ... more
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