With joy, I hope
Fri May 4, 2018 14:45

Wow Darlene was pretty. Like, so pretty. Drew didn’t know anything about fashion, but Darlene’s dress looked really nice on her and she had done a fancy braid thing with her hair and he just couldn’t keep a smile off his face. “Wow,” Drew said, struggling to come up with a compliment that had more than one syllable and eventually thinking of one. “You are the prettiest girl I have ever seen.” His short-sleeved dark green buttondown was the right level of dressed-up to match Darlene’s dress, and he was glad he’d gone with black dress pants instead of nice jeans.

He noticed that Darlene thanked Tally, which made his smile even bigger. A lot of the students just ignored RMI’s house elves. As far as Drew had noticed, the more someone was used to house elves, the ruder they were to them. So purebloods just treated the elves like they were part of the furniture, and even though Muggleborns were more likely to try to talk to the house elves they usually seemed uncomfortable with them. Drew had grown up here, so he knew every single one of the house elves by name, even the ones he hadn’t interviewed for some of his Rocky Voices features, and he always said hi.

Best of all, he knew his family was probably not going to come into the Finer Diner tonight. Dad and Aaron probably had plans, and if Marissa didn’t have plans then she would be with Madeleine so she would also not be there. There was still a risk of Aunt Cindra showing up, but she didn’t seem to notice a lot of things, so Drew wasn’t too worried about that. As for the biggest possible problem, Drew had asked Dade if he could distract Kit and keep her out of the Finer Diner for the next two hours. Luckily Dade had said yes—Drew really didn’t want to ask Remington, since she had already done him a favor for this date. Drew’s friends were really good wingmen (wingpeople?). He totally owed them for helping with this.

Not having to worry about Kit showing up and freaking out and ruining everything was great. He still hadn’t figured out what to do about Kit not liking Darlene, but there had to be a way they would get along. They were both Lyras, so they had to have something in common. Granted, Drew didn’t have a lot in common with his roommate, but he and Huburt got along well enough. There had to be a way for Darlene and Kit to get along too. Drew was hoping that maybe if he and Darlene were dating, he could help her get used to Darby, and if she liked Darby then Kit would stop hating her so much, and that would make Drew’s life a lot easier.

But he wasn’t going to think about Kit tonight, because he was on a date with a beautiful girl. Drew already knew what was on the menu, so he didn’t need to look to decide that he was going to “order” lasagna. He figured they could probably talk while Darlene looked at the menu, though. “So did you, um, do anything fun this weekend?” He’d noticed that usually he did all the talking when he was with Darlene, which was okay, but he wanted to get to know her better. Maybe that question would get her to talk about her interests.

  • Brb, screaming - Darlene Knight, Thu May 3 16:33
    Drew Tennant had asked her to have dinner with him. That wasn’t super abnormal, since they were friends and required food to function as human beings. But the thing was, he specifically asked her... more
    • With joy, I hope - Drew, Fri May 4 14:45
      • With all the joy in the world - Darlene, Thu May 17 09:48
        He said she was pretty. He said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she... more
        • Save some for me - Drew, Sun May 20 15:55
          ‘Studying’ wasn’t the kind of answer that told Drew anything about Darlene’s hobbies, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to talk about yesterday’s Astronomy quiz. Drew didn’t know how Darlene did in... more
          • Okay, just for you though. - Darlene, Wed Jun 20 18:18
            Darlene propped her arm on the table and leaned gently, too infatuated to remember the social faux pa of putting her elbow on the table. She adored the way Drew spoke about his little sister. Darlene ... more
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