With all the joy in the world
Thu May 17, 2018 09:48

He said she was pretty.

He said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty he said she was pretty.

Not only pretty, but the prettiest! Darlene was somewhat vain, truth be told, and did consider herself rather good looking, but it was a whole different world to hear it come from somebody other than her mother. And the fact that Drew said she was not only pretty, but the prettiest girl he had ever seen! He probably hadn't seen a whole lot of girls in his lifetime - at least, Darlene hoped not - but out of all of them, she was the best. That was nice. She liked being the best.

If she wasn't already, she was definitely blushing now, which she tried weakly to hide behind the menu she was browsing. "Oh, um, I'm afraid I spent as much of the weekend as possible studying." Read: as much as was possible because of the tornado of a roommate she with whom she was cursed. But she didn't say that. It was best to agree to disagree with Drew on the subject of one Katherine Kendrick, so Darlene chose to avoid the topic whenever possible. She hoped saying she was studying would make her sound a bit smarter, because she wasn't exactly top of the class. Mother said that the best wife was on average intelligence, so the Lyra did her best to get average marks. Unfortunately, school didn't particularly agree with her, and even average took a bit of doing.

"I did go swimming," she added as the memory occurred to her. "The recreation center is lovely." Darlene paused, realizing she had probably been doing too much of the talking. Men liked to talk about themselves, Mother said. "Um, and yourself? Did you have a pleasant seekend

  • With joy, I hope - Drew, Fri May 4 14:45
    Wow Darlene was pretty. Like, so pretty. Drew didn’t know anything about fashion, but Darlene’s dress looked really nice on her and she had done a fancy braid thing with her hair and he just couldn’t ... more
    • With all the joy in the world - Darlene, Thu May 17 09:48
      • Save some for me - Drew, Sun May 20 15:55
        ‘Studying’ wasn’t the kind of answer that told Drew anything about Darlene’s hobbies, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to talk about yesterday’s Astronomy quiz. Drew didn’t know how Darlene did in... more
        • Okay, just for you though. - Darlene, Wed Jun 20 18:18
          Darlene propped her arm on the table and leaned gently, too infatuated to remember the social faux pa of putting her elbow on the table. She adored the way Drew spoke about his little sister. Darlene ... more
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