That I’m bad at subject lines
Fri May 25, 2018 12:49

At their core, Holland balked at the nepotism. They personally would have a problem with accepting a career—as opposed to an hourly cashiering job—from a relative. Networking opportunities had been emphasized to them as a positive feature of pureblood society, yet Holland still felt they would not want the advantages that came from knowing or being related to the right people. They wouldn’t feel comfortable with the chance that they had been selected for a position based on family connections rather than abilities. Holland wanted to earn things on their own merit, and to know that they had succeeded for who they were and the work they had done, not to whom they were related.

However, they had few illusions that Danny, who was less bothered than Holland by how the system was rigged against non-elites, would have any qualms about accepting a job at his grandfather’s company. They turned to the second page of the letter. Outside of other factors, the job seemed like a good fit for Danny. He was interested in international relations and business development, and he wanted to travel, all of which fell within the purview of this job. He wasn’t unqualified; his grades were objectively excellent, his interest in import laws had led to a Cultural Studies research project, and the internship he’d be doing at Cirrus over the summer would provide work experience.

One inheritance of Holland’s mostly Muggle upbringing—although Bryony was a witch, Holland had attended Muggle schools until coming to RMI—was a belief in the importance of higher education. You couldn’t get anywhere in the Muggle world without at least a bachelor’s degree. The same was not true in the wizarding world, but the indoctrination was hard to shake, especially for someone as interested in learning for the sake of knowledge as Holland. Danny, however, had been less invested in the college application process than Holland and Rose; except for the schools his family had recommended, Holland had helped Danny choose most of the colleges to which he had applied. Working might be preferable to more school for him.

Holland wasn’t sure whether he was asking for their advice as a friend or as someone who would potentially be affected by the decision, but they could offer both. “This would still be in Chicago?” they confirmed, turning to the third page. Their knowledge of the qualifications necessary for Danny’s career interests wasn’t comprehensive, but international licensure sounded useful. “You’d have less flexibility in your schedule than if you went to college,” they commented, “but it’s consistent with what you want to do. I can see this making sense for you, career-wise.”

The nepotism still bothered them, though. “Do you think you’d be the right person for Cirrus for this job?” Holland asked seriously. They had seven years of experience with Danny’s work ethic; he tended to do the minimum necessary for success, which was fine at RMI and possibly even in college, but not in a workplace.

  • So what do you think? - Dardanius, Fri May 25 05:22
    Holland’s voice roused Danny from his thoughts; he smiled at them, looking up from the pages that were starting to look creased around the edges. “I received a letter from my grandfather this... more
    • That I’m bad at subject lines - Holland, Fri May 25 12:49
      • We have that in common - Danny, Sat May 26 16:03
        Whoever decided that eighteen year olds were sufficiently mature to pick their own futures had clearly forgotten what it was like to be eighteen. Holland immediately identified two of the drawbacks... more
        • We should work on that - Holland, Sun May 27 19:51
          One function of elitist societies obsessed with genealogy was to provide opportunities to its members based on family connections rather than personal abilities. Holland’s opinion of that method of... more
          • Should we take a class? - Danny, Tue May 29 10:12
            Danny tried not to bristle at the insinuation that if he accepted this job he would be not be acting in the company’s best interest; he had more of a reason to want Cirrus to be successful than most. ... more
            • We could just graduate - Holland, Tue May 29 15:03
              Not knowing Leo Tallow personally, Holland would have to defer to Danny’s opinion here. Given their understanding of how pureblood society worked, though, Holland thought it likely that Leo would... more
              • We had so little time to shine - Danny, Tue May 29 16:22
                Finally Holland’s expression sprung out of a frown, and at a juncture that Danny would not have expected to elicit a grin if he was talking to anyone else. Right . Holland couldn’t separate the... more
                • I think we made the most of it - Holland, Tue Jun 5 14:26
                  “It would,” Holland agreed, “but you could do it.” Danny had many qualities that Holland admired; his work ethic was not one of them. Working for his grandfather’s company was a situation which could ... more
                  • We gave it our best - Danny, Tue Jun 5 16:39
                    Holland agreed that this opportunity at Cirrus would be ‘a lot’ to deal with, but they also said he could do it. Danny felt soothed by the comment: they might not approve of him taking the position,... more
                    • We set the bar high - Holland, Wed Jun 6 02:25
                      Danny didn’t laugh. Oh. Holland knew from the boggarts that they didn’t have a monopoly on insecurity in the relationship. They had their share, but they were working to address those issues. Over... more
                      • Astronomically high - Danny, Thu Jun 7 16:33
                        When Holland moved to sit near him, Danny at first felt foolish that he’d let his idle concerns become known to them. Worrying about them meeting someone else wouldn’t help: nothing that Danny did... more
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