We have that in common
Sat May 26, 2018 16:03

Whoever decided that eighteen year olds were sufficiently mature to pick their own futures had clearly forgotten what it was like to be eighteen. Holland immediately identified two of the drawbacks of the vacancy: it was still in Chicago (not Massachusetts) and it would be less flexible than college. Also there would be no study breaks - but theoretically more control over when he took his holiday leave - and Danny would still be submitting coursework, attending occasional seminars and taking modular exams, in addition to full time employment. These disadvantages - distance from Holland, and potentially harder work than college study alone - were off-putting to an eighteen year old who valued interpersonal relationships and had a talent for putting in the bare minimum effort to achieve desired results. In five or ten years’ time, would the future Dardanius be content with the decisions his eighteen year old self had made?

Holland concluded the vocational route would make sense for him, which reflected how Danny felt about the situation; their approval increased the likelihood Danny would take the job. However their next words suggested they might not entirely approve: “Do you think you’d be the right person for Cirrus for this job?”

Unperturbed by their querying his aptitude, Danny smiled. Out of everyone with whom he might discuss his future, he expected standard reactions to the letter would be either ‘Is that what you want to do?’ or ‘It seems like a great opportunity for you.’ While he was fairly confident Holland would acknowledge the potential for Danny’s personal gain, he did not think anyone else would query whether he deserved the privilege he was being granted. He and Holland differed somewhat in their opinions regarding opportunities afforded to an individual based on their family name rather than personal merits, so Danny tried to remove his familial relationship from the equation as he considered his answer.

“The right person would ideally be interested in Quidditch,” he supplied, without needing to outline his own credentials to Holland, who knew him better than most (if not all), “with an appreciation of cultural variations, especially regarding import of magical artefacts. Speaking a second language would be helpful. Proof of dedication to a prior project desirable; perhaps six Outstanding IMPs would suffice?” Danny was unsuccessful at hiding a self-satisfied smirk as he continued to decide on and describe the perfect person to fill the position. “Willingness to travel essential. Relevant licensing preferred but otherwise training is available.” There was, however, one crucial criterion he was unable to meet. “I guess I am lacking work experience, even with the internship - it’s only a few weeks,” he admitted. Even then he was finishing up a little early to spend time with his family - the CEO of Cirrus included - in Paris.

“Maybe a better employee is out there,” Danny conceded, “on paper, at least.” He looked at Holland, unable to gauge whether that was what they expected to hear. “Does that mean I don’t deserve the opportunity to find out if I am the right person?”

  • That I’m bad at subject lines - Holland, Fri May 25 12:49
    At their core, Holland balked at the nepotism. They personally would have a problem with accepting a career—as opposed to an hourly cashiering job—from a relative. Networking opportunities had been... more
    • We have that in common - Danny, Sat May 26 16:03
      • We should work on that - Holland, Sun May 27 19:51
        One function of elitist societies obsessed with genealogy was to provide opportunities to its members based on family connections rather than personal abilities. Holland’s opinion of that method of... more
        • Should we take a class? - Danny, Tue May 29 10:12
          Danny tried not to bristle at the insinuation that if he accepted this job he would be not be acting in the company’s best interest; he had more of a reason to want Cirrus to be successful than most. ... more
          • We could just graduate - Holland, Tue May 29 15:03
            Not knowing Leo Tallow personally, Holland would have to defer to Danny’s opinion here. Given their understanding of how pureblood society worked, though, Holland thought it likely that Leo would... more
            • We had so little time to shine - Danny, Tue May 29 16:22
              Finally Holland’s expression sprung out of a frown, and at a juncture that Danny would not have expected to elicit a grin if he was talking to anyone else. Right . Holland couldn’t separate the... more
              • I think we made the most of it - Holland, Tue Jun 5 14:26
                “It would,” Holland agreed, “but you could do it.” Danny had many qualities that Holland admired; his work ethic was not one of them. Working for his grandfather’s company was a situation which could ... more
                • We gave it our best - Danny, Tue Jun 5 16:39
                  Holland agreed that this opportunity at Cirrus would be ‘a lot’ to deal with, but they also said he could do it. Danny felt soothed by the comment: they might not approve of him taking the position,... more
                  • We set the bar high - Holland, Wed Jun 6 02:25
                    Danny didn’t laugh. Oh. Holland knew from the boggarts that they didn’t have a monopoly on insecurity in the relationship. They had their share, but they were working to address those issues. Over... more
                    • Astronomically high - Danny, Thu Jun 7 16:33
                      When Holland moved to sit near him, Danny at first felt foolish that he’d let his idle concerns become known to them. Worrying about them meeting someone else wouldn’t help: nothing that Danny did... more
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