Should we take a class?
Tue May 29, 2018 10:12

Danny tried not to bristle at the insinuation that if he accepted this job he would be not be acting in the company’s best interest; he had more of a reason to want Cirrus to be successful than most. Yet he suppressed his urge to argue: he had asked Holland what they thought, and they were telling him. In hindsight, he should have realised they would want to denounce the inequality of nepotism. Danny refrained from reminding Holland they did not interview with Bryony to get their recurring summer job at Spell, Look, and Candle, but only because he suspected that would draw them into a debate about exceptions, or where to draw lines, and double standards, and he wasn’t interested in that right now. Instead he passed them the balsamic vinaigrette they usually put on their salads.

Holland had reacted with supportive encouragement when Danny had gotten his college placements (with the exception of Delta College of Sorcery, but then Danny hadn’t been too enthusiastic about it, either - Holland would never visit him in Mississippi, and Danny didn’t think he’d enjoy spending four years among people who would likely share Claudia’s opinion on his relationship - especially as he had only applied there to appease his father) but they were not being very supportive about this new opportunity. They acknowledged that it was a good fit for him, but it seemed as though the method by which Danny secured a position was more important to Holland than the placement itself.

Was it just that his grandfather owned the company? It was unfair of them to expect him to decline the position just because he had been directly offered it instead of applying and interviewing; he doubted they would turn down financial aid they had not applied for if by chance one of the trustees knew they met the requirements. Besides, as it was likely he would end up with a more pivotal role in the company in the future (as his grandfather had already given him shares, and had no children besides Ivy) it was arguably better for Danny to experience working nearer the bottom of the corporate hierarchy and progress upwards than to just assume a management role decades down the line.

However now was not the time to voice any of these counter points, as it was all irrelevant if he decided to go to college after all. Holland agreed that this was a good opportunity, which was the most encouragement Danny could expect to hear. “You’re just going to have more to prove than an outside hire would, because your coworkers will assume you’re only there because your grandfather owns the company.”

They weren’t wrong; Dardanius had already considered that his internship had the potential for eliciting commentary regarding his ancestry. As his maternal grandfather, Leo Tallow did not share his name, and neither did they look particularly similar, but Danny would nevertheless be surprised to make it to the end of the summer without their familial relationship being revealed. At least, if he decided to accept the job, the internship gave him the opportunity to prove he deserved a place at the company. “I guess I’d better work hard his summer, then,” he concluded, “to stay on because they want to keep me there, not because they are obligated to.”

Honestly it was bad enough that he’d chosen to spend his summer working (staying at home with Claudia didn’t sound especially appealing, and the Cirrus internship had sounded interesting) and now it seemed as though he was obliged to put real effort into achieving something. Danny wasn’t used to trying very hard. He grimaced. “Or I could just go to college. It would be easier.”

  • We should work on that - Holland, Sun May 27 19:51
    One function of elitist societies obsessed with genealogy was to provide opportunities to its members based on family connections rather than personal abilities. Holland’s opinion of that method of... more
    • Should we take a class? - Danny, Tue May 29 10:12
      • We could just graduate - Holland, Tue May 29 15:03
        Not knowing Leo Tallow personally, Holland would have to defer to Danny’s opinion here. Given their understanding of how pureblood society worked, though, Holland thought it likely that Leo would... more
        • We had so little time to shine - Danny, Tue May 29 16:22
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          • I think we made the most of it - Holland, Tue Jun 5 14:26
            “It would,” Holland agreed, “but you could do it.” Danny had many qualities that Holland admired; his work ethic was not one of them. Working for his grandfather’s company was a situation which could ... more
            • We gave it our best - Danny, Tue Jun 5 16:39
              Holland agreed that this opportunity at Cirrus would be ‘a lot’ to deal with, but they also said he could do it. Danny felt soothed by the comment: they might not approve of him taking the position,... more
              • We set the bar high - Holland, Wed Jun 6 02:25
                Danny didn’t laugh. Oh. Holland knew from the boggarts that they didn’t have a monopoly on insecurity in the relationship. They had their share, but they were working to address those issues. Over... more
                • Astronomically high - Danny, Thu Jun 7 16:33
                  When Holland moved to sit near him, Danny at first felt foolish that he’d let his idle concerns become known to them. Worrying about them meeting someone else wouldn’t help: nothing that Danny did... more
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