We could just graduate
Tue May 29, 2018 15:03

Not knowing Leo Tallow personally, Holland would have to defer to Danny’s opinion here. Given their understanding of how pureblood society worked, though, Holland thought it likely that Leo would have offered Danny the job even if his grandson had not been suited for the position. Holland wouldn’t want to start their career in a job where they weren’t sure whether they had been hired for their work or for their relationship, but they understood that Danny saw this as one of the positive attributes of the aristocracy.

They also understood that their part-time work at Spell, Look, and Candle could make their argument seem hypocritical, but the scenarios were different. The difference was the SLC was a family-owned, single-location small business, not a corporation with publicly-traded stock on the verge of international expansion. Furthermore Holland made hourly minimum wage as a cashier; they didn’t hold a salaried position at their mother’s shop, and there was no room for promotion or other advancement from that job. Besides, before they’d started working in the shop, during the summer after their third year, Holland had been helping Bryony with product development and marketing for years. She’d known when she hired them that they could do the work, and were good at it.

If the offer had come after Danny had completed his summer internship and made contributions in the workplace, Holland wouldn’t have a problem with it. The issue wasn’t that he had been offered a job at Cirrus, but that it had been through his grandfather pulling strings. They would be willing to bet that Cirrus wasn’t offering the other interns full-time positions before they had even started working there. Holland would also have no difficulty supporting him taking the job if Danny had actually applied and interviewed for it.

It was difficult for Holland to separate the ends from the means, to look at this job offer solely as an opportunity for their boyfriend and not in the big-picture context as a perpetuation of societal inequity. Considering the job offer in a bubble, divorced from the circumstances, it was objectively good. However if Danny had wanted a cheerleader, he shouldn’t have asked Holland; they had never been one to indiscriminately support their friends’ choices.

I guess I’d better work hard this summer, then, to stay on because they want to keep me there, not because they are obligated to.

Holland grinned. There. He got it. “Well, if you commit to working as hard as you can, then I think you’d be a good candidate for the job. Thanks,” they said, accepting the dressing and drizzling it over their salad, and feeling quietly pleased that they hadn’t even had to ask for it. Of course Holland was still biased in favor of college, but Danny wasn’t as academically-oriented as themself and Rose; working might make more sense for him right now. “I don’t know, you might have to actually learn how to study in college. I’ve heard it’s supposed to be harder than high school.” Most schools suggested that each credit meant three hours of work per week in addition to class time, and most courses were three credits each, and most students took four or five courses per semester.

  • Should we take a class? - Danny, Tue May 29 10:12
    Danny tried not to bristle at the insinuation that if he accepted this job he would be not be acting in the company’s best interest; he had more of a reason to want Cirrus to be successful than most. ... more
    • We could just graduate - Holland, Tue May 29 15:03
      • We had so little time to shine - Danny, Tue May 29 16:22
        Finally Holland’s expression sprung out of a frown, and at a juncture that Danny would not have expected to elicit a grin if he was talking to anyone else. Right . Holland couldn’t separate the... more
        • I think we made the most of it - Holland, Tue Jun 5 14:26
          “It would,” Holland agreed, “but you could do it.” Danny had many qualities that Holland admired; his work ethic was not one of them. Working for his grandfather’s company was a situation which could ... more
          • We gave it our best - Danny, Tue Jun 5 16:39
            Holland agreed that this opportunity at Cirrus would be ‘a lot’ to deal with, but they also said he could do it. Danny felt soothed by the comment: they might not approve of him taking the position,... more
            • We set the bar high - Holland, Wed Jun 6 02:25
              Danny didn’t laugh. Oh. Holland knew from the boggarts that they didn’t have a monopoly on insecurity in the relationship. They had their share, but they were working to address those issues. Over... more
              • Astronomically high - Danny, Thu Jun 7 16:33
                When Holland moved to sit near him, Danny at first felt foolish that he’d let his idle concerns become known to them. Worrying about them meeting someone else wouldn’t help: nothing that Danny did... more
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