I think we made the most of it
Tue Jun 5, 2018 14:26

“It would,” Holland agreed, “but you could do it.” Danny had many qualities that Holland admired; his work ethic was not one of them. Working for his grandfather’s company was a situation which could go either way, but they could optimistically believe Danny would be motivated by the personal connection to Cirrus, rather than content to skate by on his family’s name. The latter option concerned Holland—they knew Danny tended toward minimum effort—but if he judged himself up to the challenge, and committed to rising to it, Holland wouldn’t discourage him.

Between four or five classes, research, and (hopefully) an on-campus job, Holland was planning on having a lot to do too. Their schedule would offer them more flexibility than a nine-to-five, but it would still be challenging. Holland didn’t shy from a challenge, although it was daunting to know that after graduation, they would be approaching challenges without the support system they had built over the past seven years. They would be starting over, in an unfamiliar place, with classmates and professors who didn’t know them. Professor Locke had already assured Holland that everyone in the department would respect their identity, and Holland planned to owl all of their professors individually to alert them about their pronouns. They wouldn’t meet the rest of the small curse-breaking cohort until classes began at the end of August. There was nothing to do but wait and hope that the students with whom they would be taking all of their core courses for the next four years were unbigoted.

The conversation they’d had with Maverick after the fight with Claudia had helped. Holland’s other friends were great, but even the ones who weren’t straight couldn’t quite get what they were worried about the way Mave could. He’d pointed out that even though there were Claudias and Luciens in the world, they were in the minority at RMI, and RMI probably wasn’t so unique that the same wouldn’t be true in college, or after. Holland wasn’t sure he was correct, but it was reassuring to get such an optimistic reply from Maverick, who was more jaded and misanthropic than they were. If he could believe that, they might be able to.

Taking Danny’s comment as a joke, Holland laughed. “I’m going to meet people,” they teased back, taking an airy tone. Hopefully Mave would be right. MIT had a position for LGBTQ+ student affairs, which meant there was school-sponsored programming for queer students. Holland was prepared to educate people, but it would be nice if they could be around people to whom they didn’t have to explain themself. “You’ll just have to keep me interested.”

  • We had so little time to shine - Danny, Tue May 29 16:22
    Finally Holland’s expression sprung out of a frown, and at a juncture that Danny would not have expected to elicit a grin if he was talking to anyone else. Right . Holland couldn’t separate the... more
    • I think we made the most of it - Holland, Tue Jun 5 14:26
      • We gave it our best - Danny, Tue Jun 5 16:39
        Holland agreed that this opportunity at Cirrus would be ‘a lot’ to deal with, but they also said he could do it. Danny felt soothed by the comment: they might not approve of him taking the position,... more
        • We set the bar high - Holland, Wed Jun 6 02:25
          Danny didn’t laugh. Oh. Holland knew from the boggarts that they didn’t have a monopoly on insecurity in the relationship. They had their share, but they were working to address those issues. Over... more
          • Astronomically high - Danny, Thu Jun 7 16:33
            When Holland moved to sit near him, Danny at first felt foolish that he’d let his idle concerns become known to them. Worrying about them meeting someone else wouldn’t help: nothing that Danny did... more
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