Leon Finnin
Mornings are hard
Fri Jun 8, 2018 03:42

Leon sat at the table playing with some of his food. Honestly, this year wasn’t shaping up to the best he ever had. His mom may have been right. Maybe she was the only one who truly understood him. She, after all, was the one who taught him until he got here. She knew the struggles of day to day life for him outside in the real world. She had sheltered the 11 year old, and made him hide himself from his own family.

Leon hadn’t done so well with making friends this year, though if he told his mom this, she would pull him out of RMI faster than she did with his grade school. The funny thing was, even though he had basically no one to really connect with, he liked it here. Not hiding who he was, being accepted, somewhat, despite his flaws. Heck, the skinny blonde could even say he got cast in a musical.

As he sit there thinking, playing with his scrambled eggs, and watching those around him be greeted by their friends, he decided that mornings where the hardest. Normally he would try to skip as many meals as possible because no one really talked to him. It was hard to sit there and just be quite, so he sighed deeply and began to sing some of “Little Shop” mostly under his breath, as he began to stare out at the walls of the room. His voice got louder as he began to drift into his own world.

When someone caught his attention, he snapped back into reality.

    • But breakfast is easy - Jesse Keller, Fri Jun 8 14:03
      “Is that from the musical?” Jesse asked as he sat down opposite his yearmate. He did not know for certain that Leon - Jesse had finally started to learn the names of his peers - was taking part in... more
      • Easy as pi... which isn't easy - Leon, Mon Jun 11 22:46
        Leon looked confused as the other boy his age sat close to him and actually acknowledge he was singing. “Oh… Uh… Hi!” The Cetus said looking at the familiar face across from his. The other boy was in ... more
        • I prefer Pie to Pi - Jesse, Tue Jun 12 15:45
          “Hi,” Jesse replied to Leon’s uncertain greeting. His tone was nonplussed (there was nobody else at the table and it was breakfast time, so Leon’s apparent surprise at being joined by another person... more
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