Jesse Keller
But breakfast is easy
Fri Jun 8, 2018 14:03

“Is that from the musical?” Jesse asked as he sat down opposite his yearmate. He did not know for certain that Leon - Jesse had finally started to learn the names of his peers - was taking part in the school’s theatre production, but the melody the other boy was humming sounded familiar, in a way that it was traveling the corridors around school like a yawn around a stuffy classroom. The fair skinned boy guessed that the production must be happening soon, with the unusual amount of singing that was happening at Rocky Mountain just recently. That seemed a more likely explanation than a magical virus that made its victims sing showtunes.

Jesse wasn’t taking part in the musical. He had decided to limit himself to just trying one or two extracurricular activities in the first year of school, and he had enjoyed his position on the Draco Quidditch team, even though he had not played very well. He wasn’t sure that performing in front of other people was very appealing to him, but the first year had learned there were other roles for students, including lighting or set making, and they both sounded quite interesting. Perhaps he might consider signing up to help the technical team for next year’s production (assuming the school did a production each year: Jesse had no prior experience or further knowledge on this matter, only this current term from which to extrapolate).

Surveying the breakfast options laid before him, Jesse took some toast and started to butter it. “Your eggs will get cold if you don’t eat them,” he told Leon, who seemed to be moving the breakfast around on his plate rather than eating it. It was possible that he was no longer hungry, and finished with his meal, but in a place where the students could select their own food it seemed wasteful to Jesse to take more than you wanted. He would add some eggs and grilled tomatoes to his own plate when he was done buttering his toast, but Jesse was always hungry in the mornings and so could be confident that he would eat it all. He enjoyed mealtimes at school, where there was plenty of food and no siblings fighting him for it, much more than at home.

  • Mornings are hard - Leon Finnin, Fri Jun 8 03:42
    Leon sat at the table playing with some of his food. Honestly, this year wasn’t shaping up to the best he ever had. His mom may have been right. Maybe she was the only one who truly understood him.... more
    • But breakfast is easy - Jesse Keller, Fri Jun 8 14:03
      • Easy as pi... which isn't easy - Leon, Mon Jun 11 22:46
        Leon looked confused as the other boy his age sat close to him and actually acknowledge he was singing. “Oh… Uh… Hi!” The Cetus said looking at the familiar face across from his. The other boy was in ... more
        • I prefer Pie to Pi - Jesse, Tue Jun 12 15:45
          “Hi,” Jesse replied to Leon’s uncertain greeting. His tone was nonplussed (there was nobody else at the table and it was breakfast time, so Leon’s apparent surprise at being joined by another person... more
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