Easy as pi... which isn't easy
Mon Jun 11, 2018 22:46

Leon looked confused as the other boy his age sat close to him and actually acknowledge he was singing. “Oh… Uh… Hi!” The Cetus said looking at the familiar face across from his.

The other boy was in his year. He seemed really interested in what Leon was doing. Maybe that was him overthinking things again he did that alot.

“I just… I haven’t been in the greatest of moods… I feel like I’ve pissed a lot of people off this year. So instead of eating… maybe my mind is telling my body to punish itself by looking at food and not ingesting it.” This the blonde said into his eggs more so than to the boy. Then the shame came. His ears began to turn red, as they did everytime he felt this way. The other boy, Jesse, or Jason, Leon wasn’t quite sure of his name, didn’t ask for that information. “...but… yeah, you’re right, I should eat.”

The Cetus boy winced inwardly, thinking about how this would probably be his last time eating breakfast here. He couldn’t even keep his replies short and sweet. Maybe his mom did the right thing by shutting him away from the muggle world. Maybe she would shut him away from this world too after this year. After all, he could just go back to homeschooling, not having any friends, his own siblings not knowing what he was or could do. Maybe that was better for the world, for him. He would just be the “weird” brother who couldn’t hack it in the real world.

His embarrassment started to fade as he remembered what was asked originally, “The musical… right.. Yeah.. I’m in it. I’m one of the narrators. It’s a good show are you coming to see it?”

At that Leon began to eat. Hoping he didn’t completely alienate the other first year sitting by him hoping to start a pleasant conversation. He quickly added, “I’m sorry, I’m really bad with names. Your name is… Jason? Or is it Jesse? I know we have a few classes together.”

  • But breakfast is easy - Jesse Keller, Fri Jun 8 14:03
    “Is that from the musical?” Jesse asked as he sat down opposite his yearmate. He did not know for certain that Leon - Jesse had finally started to learn the names of his peers - was taking part in... more
    • Easy as pi... which isn't easy - Leon, Mon Jun 11 22:46
      • I prefer Pie to Pi - Jesse, Tue Jun 12 15:45
        “Hi,” Jesse replied to Leon’s uncertain greeting. His tone was nonplussed (there was nobody else at the table and it was breakfast time, so Leon’s apparent surprise at being joined by another person... more
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