I prefer Pie to Pi
Tue Jun 12, 2018 15:45

“Hi,” Jesse replied to Leon’s uncertain greeting. His tone was nonplussed (there was nobody else at the table and it was breakfast time, so Leon’s apparent surprise at being joined by another person seemed illogical) but he smiled because it was polite to do so when greeting a friend. Leon wasn’t a friend, exactly, but Jesse had nothing against his classmate. He hadn’t really made any particular friends yet, but perhaps the first year was just about settling in and finding one’s feet (metaphorically, of course, because everyone had presumably located his or her own feet by the age of eleven).

Leon divulged that he hadn’t been in a good mood … or more accurately that he hadn’t been in a great mood, which was okay, by Jesse’s calculations. It wasn’t possible to be in a great mood all the time, because things happened sometimes like a bad assignment grade or a spilled ink bottle or no cream cakes left for dessert, and even if you were in a really great mood all the time, how would you know? There was a philosophical argument about bad being necessary to appreciate good, which made sense in this scenario: if you were in a great mood all the time, wouldn’t that just be a normal mood? Then what would be great? Anyway it was more likely that Leon meant he wasn’t in a good mood, especially as he sounded a little down, and then he swore.

Jesse stared. His mouth was even open a little bit. The Keller children were never allowed to use bad language, they got sent straight to their room and sometime had to skip dessert if they said something really bad. Of course his siblings or parents weren’t at Rocky Mountain to witness whether Jesse swore or not, but the habit had been so thoroughly warned against that the first year didn’t think he could say a bad word, even if he wanted to (which he didn’t). He was so flabbergasted that he didn’t really hear what Leon said next about punishing (maybe he wasn’t allowed to swear at home, either?) and ingesting. He did, however, hear Leon say, “You’re right, I should eat.”

He wanted to deny it: Jesse hadn’t said that Leon should eat, just that his food was getting cold. However Jesse already had taken a bite of his buttered toast and was chewing it as he dished grilled tomato and scrambled eggs onto his plate. Although maybe Leon was just saying that Jesse was right that his food would get cold, because he had said that, and that’s why Leon should eat it. That made more sense. Jesse swallowed his mouthful and no longer felt inclined to offer corrections. He took a forkful of egg into his mouth instead, as Leon turned the conversation back to the musical. “Are you coming to see it?”

Before Jesse could answer, Leon apologized for being ‘bad with names’ and incorrectly guessed at Jesse’s name. The Draco didn’t mind, nor was he in a position to judge: it had taken him far longer than the majority of his peers to learn the names of the other students in the class, although he had tried harder to memorize the first years than their second and third year counterparts. He had at least recognized who was in their classes (and knowing that the second years did not take flying lessons with the first years had helped him to identify yeargroups more easily), whereas Leon, apparently, had not. He said “I know we have a few classes together.” Jesse might judge him for that.

“We have all our classes together,” he pointed out, matter-of-factly. “All the first years do.” It was strange that Leon had not noticed that after several months of school. If he hadn’t even noticed who was in his classes, it was no wonder he hadn’t learned all the names. “Your second guess was right,” he told the other boy. “My name is Jesse. And yes, I would like to see the musical. I don’t know much about it, though. You can tell me, if you would like to.”

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    • I prefer Pie to Pi - Jesse, Tue Jun 12 15:45
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