Okay, just for you though.
Wed Jun 20, 2018 18:18

Darlene propped her arm on the table and leaned gently, too infatuated to remember the social faux pa of putting her elbow on the table. She adored the way Drew spoke about his little sister. Darlene had always wanted one. She just had two older ones, but one of them she wasn’t really supposed to talk about because of a messy disownment situation, and the other one died when she was very young and she had limited memories of her. Both of them were significantly older, too. Obviously with the death of her father years ago, there was very little chance of ever having a younger sibling, not to mention her parents’ age at the time of her birth. Darlene had been quite the surprise, as she understood it.

It hadn’t escaped her notice either that Drew suggested they go swimming together sometime. That was fantastic progress, both because 1) it bore a striking resemblance, as the Lyra saw it, to informally being asked on another date, and 2) swimming was a very romantic activity. Perhaps not intrinsically, as it was quite physical if one was actually swimming and not just floating around, but because swim attire was often less modest than normal clothing. Darlene’s swimsuit was fairly modest, like most of her wardrobe, but it was still definitely more revealing than a normal outfit might be. And Drew wanted to see that. Yes, that was very good.

Not that there was a whole lot to see yet. Darlene was still in the pubescent process of developing her womanhood, and honestly, she was very excited for those changes to come and go. A woman’s greatest weapon was her appearance, and if she were to take after her mother, Darlene felt that she had a bright future ahead of her.

The next moment, the house elf returned to get their orders, and Darlene realized she had completely not been paying attention to the menu at all. Apparently she’d ended up a little distracted. Who would have thought? “Do you know what you want?” she asked, hoping Drew would order first and it would sound good enough to order herself.

  • Save some for me - Drew, Sun May 20 15:55
    ‘Studying’ wasn’t the kind of answer that told Drew anything about Darlene’s hobbies, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to talk about yesterday’s Astronomy quiz. Drew didn’t know how Darlene did in... more
    • Okay, just for you though. - Darlene, Wed Jun 20 18:18
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