Leah Roth
Do No Harm
Fri Jun 22, 2018 17:33

Killing a manticore? Leah Roth shuddered at the thought. Those were beautiful, powerful creatures. One couldn’t just … kill them.

She looked again at the supplies under the table. They didn’t look very useful to her anyway. Had the Professor been serious, or was he actually taking the mickey out of them?

Trying to get a gist of what the other first-years were doing, Leah glanced to her left and met the eye of the boy who’d just spoken. He looked at her expectantly. Oh. He’d been talking to her. Her face turned bright red, and she quickly averted her gaze, examining her feet.

“Um … I don’t think you could kill them, even if you wanted to. Manticores are very strong, you see.”

Coming to think about it, there wouldn’t really be any roaming the school corridors, would there? Surely not. Oh dear…

Leah wondered if coming to RMI had been the right decision, not only because of the potential manticore threat. After all, she was leaving behind her family, who’d be thousands of miles away from her all year. They were all she had. Her Dad, a British-American magizoologist working in the Swiss alps, and her Mama, a Swiss-German Muggle baker who’d been her teacher for the past few years. Leah had loved being home-schooled, even though it meant that she didn’t have any friends her age. But growing up with uncontrollable magical abilities was hard enough without too many other people around whom she could possibly hurt by accident.

It had been her Dad’s suggestion for her to attend RMI. He’d gone here himself when he was young and would often talk about his time at the school, looking back at it with the fondest memories. “It will build your character, darling. And think about all the friends you’ll make and all the things you’ll learn! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

And now here she was, already at a loss on the day before her first day. Not off to a good start… Shily, Leah looked around the room to see if she could spot anyone who looked as lost as she felt.

  • Best. Orientation. Ever. - Elliot Phippen, Wed Jun 20 22:39
    Visiting a school was not even close to the most exciting thing that had ever happened to Elliot Phippen, but since he was finally at RMI, the tour managed to hold his interest. Dressed in cargo... more
    • Do No Harm - Leah Roth, Fri Jun 22 17:33
      • Are you a doctor? - Elliot, Mon Jun 25 17:06
        Part of the problem, Elliot realized as he thought about what the other soon-to-be-first-year said, was that he couldn’t remember which ones manticores were. Were they the lion-goat-snake ones or the ... more
        • That seems wrong to me - Leah, Tue Jun 26 10:28
          Leah tried very hard to summon everything she knew about manticores. Did they eat humans? She couldn’t say for sure. All she remembered was that they were violent creatures who were most likely bred... more
          • Why do you care? - Elliot, Wed Jun 27 15:30
            She ended up not being so helpful about how to trap a manticore. Elliot agreed that he wouldn’t want to be put in a cage, but it seemed to him like if manticores were smart and sentient and still... more
            • I'm cool I swear! - Leah, Sat Jun 30 05:27
              Leah didn’t agree with Elliot that manticores (and dangerous people) should be locked into cages, but decided to let it go. She was now almost entirely sure that Boot had been bluffing anyway, and... more
              • I believe you! - Elliot, Sat Jul 7 17:34
                Elliot took her confused answer as a no, because if your parents were such big Star Wars fans that they named you after a character, you would definitely know about it. It was hard to believe that... more
                • Let me tell you - Leah, Mon Jul 9 17:06
                  Elliot seemed keen to talk about magical creatures, which made Leah’s face light up in excitement. It was her favourite topic in the whole world! Unfortunately though, she didn't have any pets at... more
                  • Tell me more, tell me more - Elliot, Thu Jul 12 12:18
                    “Oh wow, that sounds awesome,” Elliot said. His family didn’t have any pets. His mother was an Animagus, so she could turn into a peregrine falcon and sometimes they played games like you might with... more
                    • ... about dragons or heartache? - Leah, Sun Jul 15 05:25
                      Leah snorted a laugh through her tears. “Hey, I think they’d prefer me to you!” She quickly wiped her eyes, feeling silly already. “But I’m not afraid of manticores. Dragons are much scarier, to be... more
                      • Dragons sound more exciting - Elliot, Sun Jul 15 20:22
                        “ Hey, I think they’d prefer me to you! ” Elliot snorted a laugh too. Oh good, it worked. Sometimes people got really weird about being teased, even if you’d been getting along just fine with them... more
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