Why do you care?
Wed Jun 27, 2018 15:30

She ended up not being so helpful about how to trap a manticore. Elliot agreed that he wouldn’t want to be put in a cage, but it seemed to him like if manticores were smart and sentient and still wanted to try to eat and/or maul people, then they definitely should be in cages. You didn’t let serial killers and cannibals go around killing and eating people just because they wouldn’t like being in prison. If manticores were smart then they should be able to understand that attacking people would get them in trouble.

“I wouldn’t like it, but, I mean, we put dangerous people in cages even though they’re sentient,” Elliot pointed out. “No one likes being in jail but some people deserve it. If manticores are gonna hurt people…” He shrugged as if to suggest that maybe they should be put in cages, no matter how smart they were. Or something. He didn’t want to spend the next seven years at RMI looking over his shoulder for manticore attacks.

But okay, if manticores were as smart as people and super strong and dangerous, then a trap probably wouldn’t work, because they’d just be able to get out of it. So now what?

Elliot decided that “now what” was somebody else’s problem. He wasn’t sure how much attention Boot was paying to the new students, but maybe they could get away with not building traps. It wasn’t like he’d given them any blueprints or information about what they were supposed to be doing. Elliot used his sharpened spike to shish-kebab some of the pieces of cut-up fruit (orange slices and grapes and strawberries, no cantaloupe) from the plate on the table. He grabbed a cookie too, checking to make sure it was definitely chocolate chip and definitely not oatmeal-raisin (yuck).

The other student introduced herself back. Her name was Leia. Like the princess/general. That was awesome. “Nice to meet you too,” Elliot said. “Are your parents big Star Wars fans?” Elliot was pretty sure the only reasons he and Ari weren’t named Luke and Leia were because Leia was too close to Lia and because Mama wouldn’t have let Dad do that. She had vetoed Zelda, Xena, Buffy, and Clementine when she was pregnant with his sister. They’d picked Ariana, who Elliot was pretty sure was a minor character from Star Trek, but he was also was pretty sure his mother didn’t know that.

  • That seems wrong to me - Leah, Tue Jun 26 10:28
    Leah tried very hard to summon everything she knew about manticores. Did they eat humans? She couldn’t say for sure. All she remembered was that they were violent creatures who were most likely bred... more
    • Why do you care? - Elliot, Wed Jun 27 15:30
      • I'm cool I swear! - Leah, Sat Jun 30 05:27
        Leah didn’t agree with Elliot that manticores (and dangerous people) should be locked into cages, but decided to let it go. She was now almost entirely sure that Boot had been bluffing anyway, and... more
        • I believe you! - Elliot, Sat Jul 7 17:34
          Elliot took her confused answer as a no, because if your parents were such big Star Wars fans that they named you after a character, you would definitely know about it. It was hard to believe that... more
          • Let me tell you - Leah, Mon Jul 9 17:06
            Elliot seemed keen to talk about magical creatures, which made Leah’s face light up in excitement. It was her favourite topic in the whole world! Unfortunately though, she didn't have any pets at... more
            • Tell me more, tell me more - Elliot, Thu Jul 12 12:18
              “Oh wow, that sounds awesome,” Elliot said. His family didn’t have any pets. His mother was an Animagus, so she could turn into a peregrine falcon and sometimes they played games like you might with... more
              • ... about dragons or heartache? - Leah, Sun Jul 15 05:25
                Leah snorted a laugh through her tears. “Hey, I think they’d prefer me to you!” She quickly wiped her eyes, feeling silly already. “But I’m not afraid of manticores. Dragons are much scarier, to be... more
                • Dragons sound more exciting - Elliot, Sun Jul 15 20:22
                  “ Hey, I think they’d prefer me to you! ” Elliot snorted a laugh too. Oh good, it worked. Sometimes people got really weird about being teased, even if you’d been getting along just fine with them... more
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