Poppy Hawks
Making friends
Tue Jul 3, 2018 06:27

Okay Poppy, deep breath, in and out. Poppy usually spoke to herself whenever she felt anxious and out of her depth, the majority of the time it worked to calm her down. However, her first day at magic school, a day she had been looking forward to for as long as she could remember, her anxiety levels were off the charts with an equal mixture of excitement and nerves.

Never before had poppy taken over 4 hours and 16 different outfits to feel comfortable, finally deciding on black skinny jeans and a plain red vest, teamed with converse style trainers. An attempt to tame her wild curls into something manageable failed miserably, so a pony tail had to do.

After a long morning looking around the school and avoiding eye contact with most of the new students Poppy found herself in a room filled with tables, students, and equipment with which to build a manticore trap, she smiled internally and with her head down started to build. This is where being a half-blood with a witch mother working with magical creatures comes in handy, she thought.

The student next to her smiled and asked her "What is a Manticore?" Poppy returned her smile and explained in great detail about the large creatures with a scorpion sting in their tail, realising how terrifying she was making the creatures sound, she stopped “Shall we work together?” she asked the girl, “I’m sure between us we could make a fool proof trap”. Poppy set about her work and hoped she had made her first friend.

  • Achievement Unlocked - Disorientation - Vivica Dixon, Wed Jun 27 10:01
    Vivica’s parents were both muggles, and recent events were as much a surprise to them, as they were to her. It was generally acknowledged that Vivica was different, but this was not what any of them... more
    • Making friends - Poppy Hawks, Tue Jul 3 06:27
      • Challenge Accepted : Making friends - Vivica Dixon, Tue Jul 3 12:20
        From what the other new girl had said about Manticores’, Vivica didn’t see how anything on offer could remotely help in the capture - and supposed release(?) - of one. It would require a large net,... more
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