Vivica Dixon
Challenge Accepted : Making friends
Tue Jul 3, 2018 12:20

From what the other new girl had said about Manticores’, Vivica didn’t see how anything on offer could remotely help in the capture - and supposed release(?) - of one. It would require a large net, powerful adult wizards and some reasoning, not ping pong balls covered in glitter glue. Unless that was their kryptonite. It was for Vivica’s father. Glitter was something he had an extreme hatred of... mainly because it got everywhere and being a homemaker, he was the one that often had to clean it up. If manticores’ were anything like him, it wouldn’t exactly trap them, more like repel their advance. Actually, come to think of it, that is a very viable tactic!

The girl’s invitation to work together was both pleasant and welcoming (tick). And it was fair of Vivica to surmise that given the girls extensive knowledge of Manticores, she was from a wizarding family (tick, tick). Vivica didn’t want to count her chickens dragons (We are a witch now Vivica, let’s use magical terms) before they’d hatched, but this new girl was both friendly and from a wizarding background (a key trait Vivica was seeking. Someone who could maybe help her with things she didn’t understand.. Which when you’re a muggle in a new world, is almost everything!). This new girl had ticked two items of the imaginary ‘new friend’ checklist. I hope she doesn’t mind muggles.

“Thank you, I’d love to” Vivica smiled, responding to the offer of working with the friendly girl. Vivica was no stranger to arts and crafts, her bedroom wall was awash with pictures, posters and hand crafted creations, but she couldn’t help voice some of her concern about the task set before them. Especially with the tools they had been given. “Was the professor serious, do you think? To catch a Manticore?” Vivica asked the girl, trying not to look too confused or seem too much of an anti-authority figure. “It’s just, with what you said about them, I don’t quite see how this…“ she said gesturing to the items on the table “could help. I mean, if they were like, allergic to glitter then maybe we could set up some deterrent, rather than traps?” Vivica smiled. “I’m Vivica, by the way.” she greeted the new girl, unconsciously flicking her already tied up hair from her face, “I’m sorry, this is all new to me.”

Welcome to RMI! Sorry I missed you in the Author Lounge earlier. I hope you have an awesome time here, and I hope to catch up soon!

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